About Me


I always feel strange having to describe myself.

Okay, let’s do this.

Hello! Welcome to the personal journal for the BornJennius. My name is Jennifer.

I am the Born Jennius.

“Jennius” is a play on my name and the word “genius.” I like to say that “My brother’s the Genius; I’m the Jennius.”

No, my brother’s name is not any version of “Gene.” He’s just very intelligent.

“Born Jennius” also points toward how I tend to do goofy things by virtue of being me. For example, I have scratched my face, almost poking an eye once, while changing out of a top. I have walked out of the house not realizing that my shirt or jacket was inside out – sometimes, even backwards. I have walked and then not-so-much a few times (without tripping on anything, I will suddenly find myself on the ground). My brain knows what I want to say but my mouth often refuses to say it, so I will do things like call Mark Hamill “Mark Harmon” instead (and the Genius likes to remind me of that one; I think it’s his favorite). I very much do un-genius things.

As mentioned earlier, this is my online personal journal, so I post what I want to share here. A few subjects I tend to post about rather often are ones like makeup, photos that I take, Christianity, and my Healthy Go journey. Sometimes I’ll post about my experiences at an event, or in life.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will stick around for a while!

Possibly-Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am a Christian, and an American of Asian-descent
  • O‘ahu born-and-raised
  • Despite my mother’s honest answers about my being the youngest child, I remain adamant that I am a middle child
  • I prefer to say certain things in an (hopefully) interesting manner whenever possible
  • I am 5’ 2-1/2” exactly; the ½” doesn’t matter much to me other than a matter of preciseness with reason
  • Currently, two cats claim me (R.I.P. MegaMouth)
  • The dog is not mine
  • INTP; Sp/Sx; 8-5-4; Secret Weapon; Quality Time; Second Child; Bruce Banner
  • I know something about a lot of things but not a lot of things about a lot of things
  • I have so far earned: Bachelor in Interior Design with an English Minor
  • I was born a female, remain a female, and have always been a female – mostly
  • Attempts to kick me out of the country have yet to succeed
  • Places I have been: O‘ahu, Big Island, Maui, Kaho‘olawe, California, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Florida
  • I have fond memories of volunteering several months’ weekends with the East Bay Habitat for Humanity, so if anyone needs siding on their house, I am a person who… sides
  • I am a robot in disguise – maybe
  • “Silent for your protection”
  • Guava cake is the only cake; if not, Otto Cake – The End


Thank you for visiting this blog and for reading more about me!

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Have a good day!

[Last Updated: 2 July 2017]