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Ridiculosity Report: May 2017

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 22 May 2017.

Seriously, what is my problem?! It’s MAY. Mid-May. Where’ve my posts been?

I have started and typed out this first and overdue update of the year several times – and not posted, obviously. I could list all the surface stuff that’s been going on, but it’s not the reason why I’ve barely posted anything so far. The beneath-the-surface stuff, I’m not sure I know what’s going on there either.

It’s not that I don’t want to post. I’ve written, I’ve taken the photos, I have things pretty ready to post. I’m just not posting.

I’m still working under an internship at an office; I’ll be full-time through the summer. I’m still into most of the things I’ve been into, like reading, writing, makeup, walking around and taking strange photos, etc. Everyone’s still kicking. I could stand to lose a few or more inches, health- and comfort-wise.

Everything is pretty much good. More or less.

Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t know what to do with “good”.

No, I don’t know. Maybe I just went a bit wild on social media over the Holidays (yes, I mean around Christmas time of last year). I love Christmas time. It seems that I tend to be more social on social media at that time. Even Twitter. Definitely Instagram. However, lately, I have sort of not wanted to be social barely at all besides what I’m obligated to endure. I’m... all social’d out?

It’s also a lack of energy. I’m trying to work that out. The new-to-me doctor had some tests run but they pretty much came back as not concerning, which is good I guess. Still, I feel off and unusually tired, so I’ve been trying out a few things. It could also be that we’ve had vog lingering around lately (a few months ago now), and that tends to give me headaches and make me sleepy. I’m also still dealing with a skin issue, but it’s been much better.

I have had some private issues going on, but isn’t that just life? I’m not able to elaborate further on the private stuff at this time. Typical.

Anyhow, the state of mind I am in currently might also have to do with the recent election cycle and the processes that follow. It was rough on a lot of people, no matter where one stands on any issue, wasn’t it? It’s even rocked our usually non-argumentative household some. It’s not like I’m a non-confrontational person but what really bothers me most is how uncivil the monologue-masquerading-as-dialogue and actual dialogue have become. Maybe we just verbalize/ type it out and share it more with more people with less thought now. I don’t know.

I understand. I can get hot-headed at times too. And I’ll want to just unleash the nightmare that is my thoughts and feelings, but I’m not really a talker and so I keep it in – most of the time. I don’t like to interact with others unless I’m calm and have a reasonable expectation of maintaining my calm, even if disagreeing, even if the other person is not calm.

Maybe I think too highly of myself and everyone else would say I’m a hot-head in general. (I don’t really think highly of myself much at all, but, perception, you know).

My book piles have grown, so I told myself to READ SOMETHING! I was at the library, looking through some sections about Hawai‘i, and I guess the attack on Pearl Harbor was in the back of my mind because I borrowed a book about that event grounded by the letters of a Japanese couple living through the aftermath in Hawai‘i. I’ve read the first three chapters in March, about halfway through, and it is fascinating on several levels. I’m enjoying it and hope to share about it with you after I’ve finished. [Note, 8 April 2017: I just finished it last week and so… should be working on a book report for it]. [Note, 20 April 2017: I’ve finished another book, The Story of Reality by Greg Koukl]. [Note, 11 May 2017: I’ve finished another book! I’ll have to work on posting something about them because they’ve been good reads.]

Something you might not know about me yet is that I like getting into classics (literature, film, etc.) in order to follow references and because classics usually become classic for good reason. Earlier this year, I’ve found several Akira Kurosawa films for borrowing at a particular local library. I’ve watched 4 of them so far: Ikiru, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Sanjuro. I enjoyed all four. Kurosawa films have inspired others to make their own versions, and so I would like to see if I can find and borrow some of those next.

I wish I had paid more attention in Japanese School. Or to my grandparents.

Last year, I bought a Ziploc Space Bag for storing my comforter. I was hesitant about it because space bags that we’ve had in the past didn’t work that well after some time. The Ziploc one worked very well. If any bit of air snuck back into the bag, I couldn’t say. I was looking to pick up more to store other things but it took me a while, and then I checked for it in a different retail store location and they had some on clearance that day for a great price! I picked up more than I had initially intended to, but I am making use of them. Even though they’re meant to be used with a vacuum to suck all the air out, I enjoy just squeezing the air out myself. I find there is something satisfying in seeing how much I improve in getting air out each time I use one.

I’ve been thinking of a series talking about the things I enjoy and appreciate, besides just makeup products. Things I’ve wanted to share about include the Vera Bradley Glenna bag, the owl coin bank, microfiber bed sheets, Maui Mike’s chicken, places, and more. I don’t know what to call the series. Or maybe I should just go for direct no-fuss titles like whatever the item is called, but refraining from the goofy titles would be difficult for me.

I’m also conflicted about sharing where and how I spend my money and such. Obviously, I do share some about things that I’ve purchased, like above with the Space Bags. I don’t know. I think it’s the aspect of appearing to try to sell something to you. I’m not a good salesperson. It rubs me the wrong way. And I have been a sales associate, but I gladly did not work off commission. I do like to recommend and share about things though.
I am dealing with an unpleasant situation regarding my student loans. I have been working on paying things well ahead of the due dates, paying more than the minimum, etc., things have been going smoothly, and then WHAM! Problems. On their end. [Note, 11 May 2017: After more than a month of dealing with this, trying to get the error corrected, it has been done. Thank goodness.]

I’ve been working on those things (paying extra, etc.) as part of being more responsible with my financials in general. On a good note, I was checking one of my accounts and realized that I have been paying it on time for at least a little over 5 years. That is 60+ months of being very good with the payments; that is so encouraging to me because I guess I figure I would drop the ball on things at some point, so to see that, no, I CAN be consistently responsible is a good thing to know.

I wonder how long it’s actually been since the last late payment….

I still mean to post things that were meant for 2016. I don’t like getting out of order for certain things, but this does serve as a kind of record of my life, so 2017 looks to be the year of dis-order-liness in posting. I’ll also post more currently timely things. I have to do this journal my way, so please bear with me as I go through this… weird… phase.

I might just scrap all the old stuff. Who knows at this point?

Possible future post subjects (currently in varying degrees of completion):
  • Fukubukuro 2017 experience
  • Using products geared towards men
  • Recent beauty products I’ve been enjoying
  • Healthy Go
  • Finances stuff
  • A year of Teri Miyahira Beauty
  • Simplifying
  • Sephora opening celebration experience

Not promising anything, but if something on that list interests you, let me know in the comments below – it will be a motivating factor. I don’t like to rely solely on motivation, but obviously, I could use some at this time.

What’s up in your corner?

Thank you for stopping by. Jennius, out.
(I mean, this isn’t goodbye forever).

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