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The Month’s Peeks: December 2016

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 22 February 2017.

I know – at this rate, I’ll be into 2017 posts in about 5 months. Sigh.

Yet, we carry on. Moving forward slowly is still moving forward.

I might start to pepper in a few 2017 posts while I catch up with the 2016 ones because even I’m annoying myself with how long this is taking. I haven’t really worked on posts since the last one that went up, just growing the list of things I’d like to get to.

Anyway, thank you for coming by and putting up with my ridiculosity.

Here are the Weeks’ Peeks from the weeks of December 2016.

My first makeup purchase from Chanel.* The Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette. First, the name – hello…. Second, eyeshadows. Third, blues and grays. I hate saying it but, “I had to”.

For any more recent visitors, I’m an intern in architecture, eyeshadows are a weak point for me, and especially including blues and grays. Yes.

Church library. 2 Full shelves of books on “Marriage”. 1/2 shelf of books on “Single” (singlehood). Hmm…. I think I’ve found the topic of my next book….

My poor Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. * I gave up on using it up completely because it was just not having it any longer. If I repurchase it, it won’t be anytime soon as I have others to use up for now.

Time to be a seahorse.

They are trying so hard for my $!

Fun with Dummies! Nah, updated CPR lesson. This was so much less awkward than pretending to give CPR to my friend Crusty (many years back).

I… might be starting an addiction…. *

Got a free lunch, and I ate it… for like 3 separate meals – buggah’s loaded!

Parking in the shade – priceless.

Seriously, my $$$! So far, staying strong, have not given in… yet….

She’s “helping”.

Hm. TheBus is getting smaller. Competition with Uber…?

So, the lady in the picture was walking around Downtown, taking pictures of the Christmas displays, as I was walking around Downtown, taking pictures of the Christmas displays. I literally stopped walking at one point so she could get her shot and get out of my same shot! Haha! At least now I feel less alone in such activity.

Okay, so, we’ll be seeing less morning makeup selfies for awhile, as there has been a new employee who sits right there and usually gets to the office before or at the same time as I do, so my blank wall has been taken away. Also, it’s been really dark in the mornings, so the more natural light is gone as well. This was the rare free moment, but see how dark it is. We’ll see how things go along.

Phew! I thought they were here for me.

UFC/ BJ Penn gym. I haven’t signed up, and I’ll probably regret it later.

Tried out the Gardein Crispy Tenders. Meatless. It was just okay. Probably a better alternative to chicken tenders from fast food places, so I’ll probably get more for those too-exhausted-to-really-cook or we’re-out-of-everything-else times. *

Goodies from Mrs. A!

The Christmas Lights Drive-By Photo-Shooting face.

Having worked retail during holidays, I go back and forth on going places during holidays. This time, Christmas Eve, I went in and left a good tip. If they’re being made to work, I figured I’d try to make it kind of rewarding. Idk.



Decluttering Swatches. They’re a thing.

Sanitizing the things being passed on to family friends.

Best Grilled Cheese I’ve had in a long time.

I have a theory: The car salesman’s birthday is February 29th and so refuses to put “3/1/xxxx” on the temporary plate. Couple days later, brother saw a car with the same temp. plate date.

The Identity Eyeshadow Palette by Persona Cosmetics, launched last December. Persona was started by makeup artist/ YouTube-r, Sona Gasparian and her husband. I purchased mine during pre-launch and have been enjoying it since it arrived. All of the colors are beautiful, works well individually and together, yet my tops are Maverick, Bombshell, and Seductive. *

Congratulations, Sona and team – can’t wait to see what else is to come!

Well, hello – here for a swim?

Mmmm, Maui Mike’s! *

My tradition – drink and poke for the New Year! E & J XO Brandy, Tako Poke, and Ahi Limu Poke. *

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