Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Month’s Peeks: November 2016

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 25 January 2017.

I know, I’m very behind in posts! How is this the first Born Jennius post in the new year?! Oh well, I don’t possess the power to turn back time, so we’re just gonna keep on….

Here are the Weeks’ Peeks from every week of November 2016, near 100 pictures in all.

My old point-and-shoot has bit the bullet after eight good years of hard work. This super-macro shot shows the degraded quality. I miss using a p&s, so I’m checking out what’s available, making a decision, and picking one up as soon as I can.

These Teri Miyahira Beauty Brushes though, so good.

DID. NOT. Mean to reach this status. I did purchase some gifts for friends throughout the year, which added.

So that I don’t say it every sky photo – the skies in 2016 were unreal! Was I just not paying attention before?! Wow, awesome.

Haven’t been here in a long time. Had some time to kill. Next few photos: the seahorse hand towel, they spelt my name wrong, and stuff for people with cats.

Don’t think that ape is having a good time.

I want one of these cat plushes. Amuses me.

I found Melissassin!

Only open for dinner, but I’m usually in this area in the day time, so I took the opportunity to be here to pick up dinner and I have no regrets.

Courtesy of The Olive Tree

No cat here, just a foot-warmer.

Met the McKid with Mama Mac for the second time. No one home here though.

Checking this place out for the first time.

I want this. I wonder if it works well.

Cat territory. Didn’t even flinch as people walked past.

Let’s Go ‘Bows!

He’s excited.

How is this real?!


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, because, you know

Good White Out turn out.

Now he’s excited.

One of the best UHWVB player ever, #14 Nikki Taylor. She even carries two cheerleaders on her shoulders every game. Seriously though, she was good as a freshman, and great on this her Senior Night. I remember her saying at the start of her Junior season how she worked during the off season to improve to help the team more. This is a role model.

My guy…

Is abusive...! What?!

Oh, you just wanted tummy-rub time. You’re forgiven.

Inspiration to all the minis! Out of Moanalua High School too. #1 Katiana Ponce.

Taylor gives her Senior Volleyball to the Equipment Manager with much appreciation.

Um, if you're paying attention, Happy Thanksgiving!

Laundry Day, she doesn’t seem phased to be rolled into the laundry shortly….

We ordered a dog…?

Waited for years to pick up MAC’s Pure Zen, and the only regret was waiting so long.

Sorry, guys – women’s stuff. Size 1 and Size 2 of the Super Jennie Menstrual Cups. I… have had success and failure so far… ugh. I really wanted this to just work right away. It’s probably user error.

Great season, Team. Until next time….

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