Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Week’s Peeks: Meeting the McKid

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 21 December 2016.

We’re still in the catching up phase for the WP, and so…
Here are the Weeks’ Peeks from the weeks of October 23rd and October 30th.

“Forget it, Jake – it’s Chinatown.”

More sky pics. To the tune of “More cowbell.”

I make great binders.


I’ve seen my future. This is how I die. (Kidding).

Who has/ used to have one of these? *raises hand.

Let’s go for a walk.

If this is your usual USPO of service, they’re good people there. I approve.

I mean… whoa….

I look at this and see “bullpenn” even though I know what it says and it’s not that. (Misspelling with purpose).

I think someone was here….

Maybe this guy.

It’s a great workplace!

Bubo, did you go trick-or-treating without me? What’d we get?
(A sweet lady, a fellow regular bus-passenger, gave me this bag. I’m working down my sugars, so I passed the candies on).

At this point, I have finally met the McKid. I’d rather not post pictures of friends’ kids unless I have permission, for which I haven’t asked. Trust me, to my right was said McKid. For real. This is what I ate in front of the McKid.

My cats are cultured.

I hadn’t had a comforter of my own before this one (I love it!), and so I looked up how to cover them. I believe this is called the “California Roll Method.” It’s the only one I’ve tried and it works for me.

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