Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Week's Peeks: Pocket Peeks

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, XX August 2016.

Okay, I know I was short on the peeks the last few weeks, I mean not taking as many pictures as usual, but this is very minimal. What did I even do all week? WP is worth it even if it's just one peek, right?

Also, I tried to think of a clever descriptive title but I am putting this up quickly and brain energy is depleted. I hope it makes a little sense? Like pocket-sized because so little bit peeks. 

Hm, I'd better stop here. I really should be sleeping right this moment okay bye.

Here are the Week's Peeks from the week of August 21st - enjoy!

Wanted to splash my eye lid with colors, so just a quick fun trial run :)

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