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Healthy Go: Target in Sight

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 19 August 2016.

It has been a long time since I have seriously considered HG goals. I think they’re important for me to have, to remind me of what I want for my life and why.

I have so many things on my mind practically at all times that goals are easily forgotten. Yet, they are so important for keeping me going on this journey.

Here we go.

Schedule and Workouts
Except for working out with the ESTP back in the second college early days, or seeing how much I could do with the crew in the first college days, or the introduction 5-day trainer workouts, I’ve never really nailed down an actual workout or schedule. I’ve always just done whatever, whenever.

I’m looking things up, following some fitness people, and writing out workouts to do. Being self-directed (in most things) tends to be the best way for me to do a thing. I’m taking action. I’m taking responsibility for whatever happens. It’s the best way for me to learn something new, to retain some information, through hands-on experience, figuring it out. I would like to try working out with a trainer, but I can’t swing that at the moment.

To start, I’m aiming for 3 days a week, whether gym or other. As it fits into the rest of my schedule, I’m going to try a Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday schedule and see how that goes. I’m still working out a few exercise routines to go on.

Even though I didn’t have a workout schedule before, I still tracked what I did somewhere. I think one of the reasons why I feel better about restarting HG now is that I have been trying out the bullet journal and have an idea of how to use it to keep track of exercises. It should help me figure out a schedule and work on maintaining consistency in working out, whether at the gym or elsewhere.

In 2014, I did 242 flights of stairs over about 5 months.

I kind of have a slight aversion to stairs now, so, we'll work on that.

Some of my friends probably think that I’m strong for a female (and I wouldn’t take that as an insult, I am a female) simply because I don’t mind working out or doing some heavy lifting (whatever I am able to lift) when doing setup/ clean up/ moving type stuff. I’ll usually be with the guys doing the guy-typical things in those scenarios because I like being able to do stuff like carry tables/ AV equipment/ drywall/ etc., and I want to be able to do more.

But I’ve lost a lot of strength in the last few years. A. Lot. I feel it. I see it.

I’ve always wanted to get stronger but I guess I wasn’t sure I could do it, or how to go about it. And, there have been setbacks and injuries. Now, I just want to go for it. I think being able to track it more consistently is going to help me see the progress and to keep going in that direction.

At the moment, I’d like to get back to where I last remember being, which was the lateral pull down at 70# and the seated row at 50#, then build up from there. I don’t really remember what I used to do on legs, chest, and other things, but I’ll be working on getting stronger all around.

Long term goals would be: being able to do push-ups well again, to do a headstand (and then handstand), and to do a pull-up. Climbing a rope would be pretty cool also.

Back when I fit into a "dress" shorts.

I would like to be able to fit into my clothes comfortably!!! This has been an up and down thing, and I got myself on a good down-sizing trend for a bit, and then it all went. I let it all go. I’m the biggest I’ve been ever. My thighs have always touched, but now they’re starting to push each other out. I am not a cute waddle-r.

And it’s not exactly all about size or weight. I’m not comfortable in this body. If it were mostly muscle mass, I wouldn’t mind so much. I can’t do the things I used to do. I don’t look the way I used to look. I’m not that tall, and so every little inch or pound can make a big difference in how I look, feel, and act. I’d like to be able to wear certain things, like my clothes.

Don’t tell me to just buy new clothes. Unless you’re buying. Even then, just, don’t.

2 years ago.

1 year ago.

Clothing fit goals worked well for me in the past. I’d like to try it again. First would be to fit comfortably into my black work pants. Then the two denim shorts. Actually, those might happen at the same time, then if so, the two “dress” shorts. Eventually, I’d like to walk confidently in the pink dress.

The big WHY: to continually be better than I have been.

I am currently not nearly at my best at all. This is actually my worst.

I want to feel good and look good. Feeling good includes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to be able to do more, to handle more. I want to be ready. I want to try more things and not be worried that my body might be holding me back.

Reaching those goals of a schedule, tracking, strength, and fit-ness will be markers that I’m moving towards the Why.

This is just another starting point.

I do have hurdles to get over, mostly mentally I think. However, I think I’m in a better spot to warm up to all of this taking care of myself stuff again.

Um… so… this is the end. Of this entry.

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