Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Week’s Peeks

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 20 July 2016.

I’ve been craving frozen yogurt for months but didn’t go until a few weeks ago, and that was because Mom had a coupon thing for the place nearby. I have walked by Menchie’s so many times and yet only recently I went in. The first time, I had pineapple and… something. Pictured in the title is caramel and cheesecake yogurts, with graham cracker dust, cheesecake bits, kiwi and strawberry slices, and 3 cookie dough bits.

My Sweet Pea was overdue for a checkup so we finally took her in. I had to give her medicine the last couple of weeks, so I let the girls stay in the room overnight a few times. I usually make them go out into the rest of the house at night because they would wake me up several times when they’re in the room, while I already have a tough time with regular sleep, so out they go.

Ugh. And car problems again. Supposedly they fixed it, but I think the car is just mad at me for some reason. I ain’t gonna be bitter though – it’s not like I took care of it when it was a brand new baby, not like I never helped bathe it or anything. j/k. For real, I been good to that girl.

Gladly, I was near home when she decided to be fussy (though it wasn’t exactly her fault, something had popped off or something). I was able to call Mom to come home early to jump it and Dad walked over to where I was; Dad and I had an outdoor dinner and I didn’t have to wait at night by myself.

Also, before Dad arrived, I happened to have my iPod with me, so I turned it on to sing with it in an attempt to calm myself. The song ready to play was Jeremy Camp and Kari Jobe singing “It Is Well (with My Soul).” Amazing.

  • So, what do you get when you go for frozen yogurt? Comment below!

… Please?

Or not.

Here are the Weeks’ Peeks from the week of July 3rd and 10th.

Guava cake is the only cake, but this was all right.

Still trying to get the curl in the hair
just right.

When the day one doesn't bring one's lunch to work and the
Bro's gf has an extra lunch - win.

Trying to get more comfortable seeing my face in places.... 

So, they had run out of covers - at least they were prepared!

Menchie's caramel and cheesecake frozen yogurt with
graham cracker crumbs, kiwi, strawberry, cheesecake and
cookie dough bits - yum.


Haven't had one in yeeeeeeears!
So good.

This happened. :( 


Aside from the cat, clearest this table has been in years.

I could use a gym bag. Huh.

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