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Healthy Go: I Needed a Jump-start

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 22 July 2016.

My hand is finally at a point of not breaking skin much at all, so I gathered myself up to get back into the gym. My hand still has a way to go though. Getting back to the gym had been on my mind seriously for a few months and then the hand thing happened but now it’s a go.

Keep in mind, I’m still doing HG on my own at this point. I am not here to give advice – maybe just a bit of encouragement to start and to keep going.

It healed up a lot more than this.

I wanted to have a small plan to start with and decided to go with what I know for now and then add to that as it goes on. Going back is nerve-wracking for me, so going with something familiar was a good choice, I think.

The exercises:
Elliptical for 15 minutes, 1.05 miles

Cable seated row, 8 reps @ 30#, 8 @ 30#, 6 @ 30#
Wide-grip lateral pulldown, 8 @ 50#, 8 @ 50#, 8@ 40#

Machine tricep extension, 8 @ 30#, 8 @ 30#, 8 @ 30#

My thoughts:
I’m very glad that I finally went back. I’m nervous about the next time, but at least I got started again and hopefully, it’ll get easier as I keep going, as I re-familiarize with the layout and such. It wasn’t crowded, which was good for my anxiety. It feels crowded and disorienting though because they’ve pretty much maxed out the floor with how many machines and weights one can possibly and safely fit. There’s even machines hiding in the jog-out corners, just everything possible squeezed in.

The gym used to have older ellipticals that I felt were better suited for women, but they were gradually phased out for newer machines and now they are all gone. I’m a little bummed about that because I went on one of the current ellipticals and it felt a lot different. Getting my feet set on a comfortable spot on the foot pads took a while, the mechanics felt tougher and unfamiliar, so there’s some things to get used to.

Otherwise, it wasn’t too hard. I did some fast pace with some relaxed pace. I’m glad I was able to keep it fairly where I left it at a roughly 12- to 15- minute mile. I could do better.

The a/c wasn’t strong this day, so I was hot and sweating. The only thing with sweating is that it irritates my skin and I start itching, so that part wasn’t great for me. The sweating isn’t so bad if there’s air or wind, but there wasn’t much air inside this time. My neck was irritated and I wasn’t ready to push past it much yet.

The weights – ohgoodness, I am weak! I knew I lost a lot of strength, but this is on the record now. I don’t know where I put my old records, but I know I could definitely do at least 50# on the seated row and 70# on the lat pulldowns (probably more, but that’s what I remember doing and working to do more). I know, not that strong at all, but stronger than I am now. Form felt good except that I didn’t have my grip wide enough on the pulldowns and now I have a belly in the way of doing better seated rows. It’s all fat – I’m not pregnant.

I considered doing one more exercise, but I think I had enough stimulation to my nerves. I googled exercises and chose this one from Trip Fitness, because again, I’m fairly familiar with those exercises.

I could still use more of better-fitting workout bottoms and tops. And a gym bag. And maybe trainers – I only have running shoes at the moment.

Overall, good.

So that’s my first time back in a long time. I had some car trouble on the way home which put a slight damper on the thing, and I don’t need help in dampers. It turned out fine though.

It usually takes a couple days to feel the work in the muscles, but I felt them the next day.

I'll still be doing exercises at home.

I’m so mad that I’m so weak! Can’t wait to lift heavier.

That’s it for now. Read me next time!

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