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Storied: I Don’t Know What

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 06 June 2016.

I know – what kind of a title is that? Well… yes. I’ve been having strange days and so I thought I would write about them but didn’t know what to call it.

Let’s start with the trying couple of days I had a couple weeks ago.

It started on an errand day. I did two local errands and set out to go out farther. Coming up a hill, the car started to make a scary sound. I pulled over and figured out that something snapped by the front tire and so the skirt was hitting the tire. I carefully drove to the nearby store. I guess I was a little flustered that I couldn’t find the duct tape in the store so I called Dad to bring duct tape. I would’ve needed help taping it up anyway. We did that and switched cars. I decided to skip out on one errand.

I did two more errands, then stopped for lunch. I had been wanting to try Pono Plates so I finally went in. The interior was really nice and their menu looked good. I picked up the spicy garlic chicken with sweet potato fries. It smelled so good but I was going to eat it at home when I was done with everything.

Another errand down, and then the second car wouldn’t start up. Ugh. I called Dad and frustrated him because I was frustrated and didn’t describe well what was going on. By now, the day was hot and humid, and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I was feeling like crap but trying to hold it together.

It took a while but Dad and Mom finally came. Rumors of me crying at this point may or may not be true.

We finally got the car jumped. I cut out another errand – I was done for the day. Mom and I went to pick up the dog from the vet while Dad drove the other car home. I wasn’t hungry but I ate a little because I knew I should. Then we got home.

I'm going to put a Jennius Refuge in my house one day. I'll
need it.
The next day, I went out to a meeting. I was anxious about it but it went better than I expected. I went to get my haircut at Paul Mitchell the School Honolulu. Sam handled my hair and it turned out great. It was the first time she was doing something more than a trim, so she was happy.

Cut and styled by Sam, future

Ridiculously long line trying to get out of the lot. Took me a
3-min wait to cut through and get out the other exit - much faster.

A slice of heaven.

 Since it was nearby, I picked up Otto Cake. Then I went to a store, but that location had closed down so I went to Whole Foods. I picked up tea and flowers.

Hanging out with the

The flowers were for the grandparents so I headed there next. White fluff clouds, blue sky, and a good breeze, we had a good time.

I decided that I was feeling okay enough to check out the new section of Ala Moana. Trying to park in the new section was a little nerving only because I would find a stall but something would deter me from getting that stall. This happened three times and I ended up parking further in than I expected. Not a big deal, there were a lot of spaces, it was just weird. It was things like wanting to back into a stall but the car coming the other way wanted a certain stall too, and was blocking me from turning to back in but they wanted me to move so they could get the stall they wanted. I don’t know if I explained that well, but it was just weird that it kept happening. Two minutes more of my time to get parked was not a big deal, and I ended up in a stall closer to the stairs and elevator.


The new part of the mall is okay. I didn’t really explore as I did have an idea of where I wanted to go and for what, so I moved quickly through. It was disorienting a bit, just because it looks a lot different than what it used to be or from the older parts of the mall, but it was nice. I finally found a familiar spot and went right to the store I wanted. They didn’t have what I wanted in stock, so I moved on.

That’s when the slipper broke.

Sigh. It was unrepairable, non-MacGyver-able (or at least, not with anything I had on hand), so I took off my other slipper, put it in an extra bag I happened to have, and made my way back to the car. I have some lava feet (ability to walk around barefooted over hot surfaces), but this stone was HOT. And, people tend to walk slow at Ala Moana. I finally found an opening through the crowd and fast-walked like never before to the car.

As I made my way to the car, I noticed that AM has a Gloria Jean’s! If I remember correctly, they have a frozen hot chocolate drink or something like that which I really enjoyed when the other mall had a GJ years ago. I thought about stopping off, or to the gelato place, but decided not to as I was barefooted.

I cut out any other possible errand and went home. I switched slippers and went to the grocery store with Dad. Then I was home for the rest of the day.
Poor footses.

Trying not to think about the
burning footses.

I went to work the next day. Work was fine. I ended up at the other bus stop that didn’t have a shade. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me; because I had to switch slippers, I was in the rubber pair this time on another hot day. My feet were burning. I’m just observing that and not really complaining because I could’ve waited under the trees several feet away.

When I got home, I relaxed some, did one chore, and went down for a 15-minute nap.

I woke up 15 hours later. Good thing I had off. I think I really needed that “nap” even if the week had been fine. I was quite disoriented when I woke up though. It was also the first time in years that I had gone to bed without showering.

The food from Pono Plates was so good! I wanted to try more but the week after, they closed! What?? So that’s a bummer.

However, despite the ridiculous week, it could’ve been worse. Yes, it was hot and humid, but there were a lot of beautiful rainbows all week. When I stopped off to fix the cars, both times I was parked under or right next to shade. Where I was stopped for the second car, I had parked in an easy-to-find section of the parking lot. People were going in and out, it took about 45 minutes for Mom and Dad to arrive, but when they did, one of the spaces next to me had cleared out, so that was great.

I was hoping and glad when I saw that Mom was with Dad, because she knows that things like that can freak me out and she can be a calming spirit. Plus, I was done driving that day, so she drove us after, even though she wasn’t completely back to feeling well herself but she wouldn’t tell me that directly. As strong as people tend to think I am apparently, I needed my Mom at that moment and she was there.

The next Friday that I worked, it took twice as long than usual to get home on the bus. Usually, I’ll get home in about an hour and 15. Due to weather and traffic, it took 2 hours and 40. Thank goodness for good bus drivers, on their first time on that route, getting us all home safely.

This past Friday, things got actually weird.

I got to work very early. There are three elevator cabs; when I pressed the “up” button, the third cab opened. I went in, I pressed my floor. The floor button didn’t stay on. I pressed again, wouldn’t stay on. Didn’t move anywhere. I pressed the “open” door button and got out.

I waited about a minute but it was so early, no one else was around and so none of the cabs were moving. I pressed “up” again. The third cab opened. I went in, I pressed my floor. Nothing. I got out.

I took the stairs to the second floor. I pressed “up.” The third cab came up and opened. I went in, I pressed my floor. This time, it took and the cab went to my floor. I got out.

??? Oh, okay.

After work, I took the bus to meet Mom at church. The first bus was fine. The second bus was going fine, until it missed… it missed going straight and instead made a turn where it shouldn’t have. Passengers started looking at each other. Are we on the right bus? It went for quite a few more stops. I was in the back section, saw a guy walk up to the front to talk to the driver probably. A lady got on the phone to the company but I guess she couldn’t get through. Then the bus took a turn down, and another turn to the highway, so then we were going back towards town – and quite fast too. People still freaking out, or trying to remain calm.
Honolulu, we have a problem.

Where are we going...? Let's see a movie while
we're here.

Oh, okay. Aaaaaaaand, we're back on track!

We went all the way around through back streets to the point where the driver had gone wrong so the bus could get right again. It would’ve been nice if the driver had let the rest of us know that he was making a correction. The bus has a PA system for things like that.

Anyway, I got to the church alright. One more strange thing but minor – Mom parked the car in a different section than she usually does. It was the same side as the weight room, I had some time before Mom was done, so I went to visit with a friend. Actually, I think I might talk about that more another time. After some weird times, was good to see my friend.

So this is turning out to be about 3-1/2 pages long. If you’re still here, thank you for hanging around!

It’s so weird that things like that start to happen close together and one gets to wondering if it’s one’s self. Is it me? Is there a mischievous spirit following me, trying to see me break?

One of the good things about knowing that God exists and cares about us is that whether or not I break, God is the great Healer. A lot of things are not what I would like them to be right now, or I’m not doing as well as I would like to be, and yet I can rest on God because He is good. He’s brought me through worse situations.

If you’re not a Christian or don’t know what to believe about it, it’s okay – stick around. I’m glad to have you here!

Here’s to a smoother, less weird week!

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