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The Lipstick Enthusiast: 2016 Collection

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 18 April 2016.

Lipsticks are difficult for me to pass up. It’s strange for me to remember wearing only one lipstick in high school, a natural beige nude color from Almay – I think I went through at least five tubes of it. I should know what the name of the shade was but it’s not coming to me.

Well, after a peek at my current lipstick collection, one might wonder how I could be a “lipstick enthusiast” when I don’t have a lot. I have more than one needs, but probably a lot less than most makeup fanatics. If you follow beauty YouTubers and/ or have watched one of their makeup collection videos, a lot of them have drawers upon drawers and desktop displays of lipsticks.

I do my best to not hoard them because I can get overwhelmed with too many choices – really, that’s mostly what it is for me. And, I’d rather they get passed along than to expire before I get to them myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’d buy every lipstick in my interest if I could afford it and if I had about 20 pairs of lips to wear them all in good time!

Ah, so, I only have one pair of lips.

I recently pared down my collection, while receiving a few from a Twitter giveaway, and even more recently bought a few during the Sephora VIB sale earlier this month. Aside from the latest acquisitions, these will all be ones that I really enjoy having, wearing, looking at, and that I think flatter me, so it would be a good assumption that I like each one unless otherwise noted (just didn’t want to fill this post with a lot of “it’s a beautiful color” and “I like it!”).

Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting
  • Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush
  • Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach
  • Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral
  • Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection Privee by J.Lo in Jennifer’s Nude

Lust for Blush and Pin Up Peach smell like butter, which is fine. The first is a light cool-toned pink while the second is a warm peach color. The formula is quite slippy on the lips, so I like them for the balm feel with some color. Shocking Coral and Vivid Rose smell like crayons, but I don’t smell it after application so it doesn’t bother me. When this line came out, these were the only two colors that I was interested in and I was not disappointed. I go back and forth on passing on J.Lo only because it really is the “My Lips But Better” color for me, and so while I like the color, I don’t wear it much because if I’m going to wear a lip color, I want a different color than my lips. However, when I want a neutral nude color to finish a look, it’s a good one.

Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting

  • So Select (LE)
  • Moxie^
  • Marilyn Monroe Collection in Charmed I’m Sure (LE)
  • Alluring Aquatics Collection in Mystical (LE)

Only FOUR MAC lipsticks?! Yes, well… and I’ve only used up one other. It’s one of those things where, again, I can get overwhelmed with all the choices that MAC provides in color, finish, wear, etc., which is why these are all from limited edition lines because it’s easier to decide from a smaller collection. There are ones from the permanent lines that I would like but I might never get to it. I’m very happy with these.

So Select was an okay purchase for me because it’s very close to another item I have but I was curious and I’m pleased with the color. I picked up Moxie because I liked the color (red fuchsia is my top lip color choice), the name, and because it was about to be discontinued at the time. I’m not particularly swayed by packaging, but the Alluring Aquatics one grabbed my attention, so I picked out Mystical because it was a color I could really put to use.

Charmed I’m Sure was my gateway red. Before, I would have never thought I would wear a red lipstick at all and now I have four reds, I think? Five. Five reds. This one is a matte medium slightly blue-toned red that the MAC makeup artist used on me when the collection launched, near my birthday, so while I hate the idea of what I’m about to say, “I had to get it.” I also like the choice of images of Marilyn that MAC used for the collection; I think she looks classic, adorable, playful, sexy.

Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting

Urban Decay
  • Gwen Stefani Collection in Ex-Girlfriend (LE)
  • Gwen Stefani Collection in Spiderweb 
  • Revolution in Fiend
  • Matte Revolution in After Dark
I liked Urban Decay’s range of eyeshadow colors, and so when the Revolution Lipstick line came out, I wanted to try them. I think I bought Fiend during a sale; I chose it because I liked how it looked in swatches on Jen from From Head to Toe (frmheadtotoe on YT and blog) and I think we have a similar skintone. After Dark is a plum that shifts to a deeper violet shade. This is the deepest color that I have and I won’t need any other because I generally don’t like dark lips on me but I really like this one.

Being that I like Urban Decay and that I’m a fan of Gwen Stefani since the No Doubt days, I saved up to get several pieces from the collection when I heard it was coming out. In the lipstick line, several of them were different shades of red, so I chose Spiderweb. Ex-girlfriend was the natural one of the group, with some gloss to it.

Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting

Bite Beauty
  • Luminous Crème in Quince^
  • Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Sucre
  • High Pigment Lip Pencil in Pomegranate
  • High Pigment Lip Pencil in Sable (LE)

Bite Beauty is a natural brand with food-grade ingredients, but it seems to be becoming my favored brand for the colors as well as the formulas. Sable and Pomegranate came in a half-size 4-piece holiday set, but I’ve passed along the other two shades. One can still pick up Pomegranate in the full-size.

Sucre is one of the most beautiful lip colors I’ve seen – it is striking. The pictures don’t do it justice. It smells like orange creamsicle, which adds to the enjoyment, and the formula is so comfortable for a matte – it can be reapplied without having to wipe off the previous layer or looking wonky. I got Quince because they were discontinuing the line and the new line to replace it didn’t look like it had the same shade. I’d had it on my wishlist for so long so I went for it and I’m not disappointed.

Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting
  • NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien
  • Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Unapologetic
  • Colourpop Lippiestix in Lumiere
  • Colourpop Lippiestix in Fighter^
  • Colourpop Lippiestix in Heart On

Rikugien came as a Sephora Birthday lip duo last year but I passed along the other color. Unapologetic is very aptly named as it is very bright! I got it because it would grab my eye whenever Allison Anderson (YouTube | blog) wore or showed it. The formula is very comfortable but it has a mint scent and a mint tingle, which some don’t like but I’m okay with it.

After hearing a lot about Colourpop for about a year, I decided to try them out (and the discount at the time didn’t hurt). Lumiere is the mauve, Fighter is the red, and then I had to pick out a bright standout fuchsia in Heart On. I passed along two others. Only after I received the order did I realize that I had picked out all matte shades, but the formula is, once again, comfortable, but it is a bit on the thick side. They smell like vanilla.

Recent Acquisitions

Heyclairemas Giveaway:
  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Electric Pink, Vivid Violet, and Orange Shot
  • Too Faced La Matte Color Drenched in Bachelorette and The New Black

Sephora VIB Sale:
  • Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Collection in 714 (LE)
  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Sugarcane and Sorbet

I was glad to find five lip products in the giveaway bag – just what I like! Honestly, liquid lipsticks intimidate me, and these are in intimidating shades, because I am not skilled in applying them so the ones I’ve had in the past would end up all over my teeth. I’ve already tried the Electric Pink though (had to) and I’m somewhat optimistic that I could get along with this formula. The wand and the fact that it does dry down to a semi-matte finish are what is giving me confidence that I can figure it out. Until then, I’m probably going to keep Orange Shot and Vivid Violet unopened in case I have to give them up.

I’m super pleased to have the Too Faced La Mattes. They are my first Too Faced lipsticks ever and I have wanted to try the brand for some time but would be sidetracked by other things. The tube has a hefty weight to it for a lipstick, but I like that. I haven’t worn them yet but I’m excited!

Another red? Yes. At least this last red is more different from my other reds; 714 is a bit brighter and less blue-toned than the others. I wasn’t going to get it at first because it is red and because reviews had said that the formula was drying for a matte, but I had a sample of it and liked it; I didn’t find it drying and I had been thinking about a brighter red.

The Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche range is a very recent launch. It took me a while to settle on which color(s) to try, and I was waiting for the sale, so I chose Sugarcane and Sorbet. I haven’t worn these yet either but can hardly wait!

I don’t typically go for glosses and can make do so far with just three lip liners because I rarely use them, so I decided to add them here but without much comment.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass in Phiff!
CAMP Cosmetics in Gehm On!
Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Naked
Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting

NYX Lipliner Pencil in Fuchsia
MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry
Urban Decay + Gwen Stefani Lip Pencil in Ex-girlfriend
Top: Indoor lighting
Bottom: Outdoor lighting

Phiff! gloss and Cherry liner are the ones the MAC makeup artist also used on me; I got the gloss mostly for the packaging. Gehm On! came as a duo set with a blush from the CAMP Cosmetics collaboration with Kristin Gehm; I more so wanted the blush. The gloss has a vanilla scent and is a sweet pink. The Naked gloss was a free sample I received with an order. I wanted to try an Urban Decay liner so replaced a dried out old natural-colored one with Ex-Girlfriend. Then a Fuchsia liner for my fuchsias – NYX makes good lip liners.

This is a tool I bought for lip gloss application – I haven’t tried it yet (I haven’t worn lip gloss yet since picking this up). I also have a lip brush. Using something like this or a lip brush can help keep the gloss in the tube more sanitary and last longer.

There they be – many trusted companions and a few exciting rookies, 30 lip colors in all, a happy troupe. Definitely more than I need! I shouldn’t be buying any more anytime soon but who can tell? 😝

"Hey, hey! No photography here!"

[Update 16/ 04/ 18, 6:00 pm HST: One works so hard on a post, to get things matching up and in order, put it all together, gather links, and there were so many mistakes still! I apologize for some of the order of the pictures and the commentary being out of order, but the bullet lists with the names do match the pictures now. I've also added the links for the people I mentioned. Thank you!]

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Where I bought the items I bought (non-referral/ non-affiliate links):
Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon – CVS
Urban Decay – Urban Decay, Sephora
Bite Beauty – Sephora
Colourpop – Colourpop

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup anything. I am a journeyman makeup enjoyer, hopefully contributing something interesting to my audience. All items purchased by myself unless otherwise noted.

For comparison, my skin is a light-medium yellow tone with cool undertones; the foundations that best match me have been: MAC Studio Fix C30, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Natural Beige 60, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Medium Beige 250.

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