Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Week’s Peeks: Where Was I?

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 23 March 2016.

Really, where was I? I almost forgot a whole folder of photos because it’s been THREE weeks since the last WP, which had itself been a double decker WP. No real reason. Just Life.

I really should do this more regularly. It’s disturbing to see/ sort through so many pictures of my face. I’m sorry, but I have to look at it every day. Just kidding, yet, also true.

Here are the Week’s Peeks for the weeks of February 28th, March 6th, and March 13th. Enjoy!

Wardrobe refresh - trust me, I needed one!
Why didn't I get a laundry rack sooner?
Left: Colourpop Lumiere Lippiestix
Right: MAC So Select Lipstick

Lumiere has slightly more pink.
Okay, so I'm a sucker for design sometimes. So pretty.
Lips: Urban Decay
+ Gwen Stefani 714

Couldn't get enough of the
aqua eyeshadows this month!
By now, I've eaten a full Chinese
... ehm... chicken salad, that is....

Veggie roast. Making my breakfast meals for the
work week.
Sei Bella Mermaid, MAC Charcoal Brown,
MAC Bamboo, MAC Ricepaper
Every so often, the bus takes us back in time.
"3:58 PM, Sun. 1/1/97"
Huh. Haven't seen the green one
visit in a while.
How do you Ninja?

Mom gave me the baby carrots
for my snacking. She's cute.

Maui Mike's chicken - so good.
First time in many years making corned beef hash
patties - and unsupervised too!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's
Jasmine Puer Tea - love it!
Some days, you just have to....

Pseudo-Salk Institute shot.
Lips: Colourpop Heart On

It's jammin' jump rope time!
Very. Windy.
She does this a lot.
Trying a foundation, checking the results.
UD + Gwen Stefani's Rock Steady
So cold, even Bubo lookin' to pack some heat.
Tanioka's - yummmm.

Cat condo.

Special flavor for Girls' Day or
something, I forget. Cherry Blossom

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