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Double Decker Week’s Peeks: Some Guinness & A Pain in The Neck

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 2 March 2016.

Foreword: Last week’s Week’s Peeks didn’t get put up (obviously) because I was injured (see the second part of this week’s Double Decker Week’s Peeks), hence, the double-decking of what should have been last week’s Week’s Peeks and this week’s Week’s Peeks into a Double Decker Week’s Peeks – got it? Good – I thought you would.

I know, the Title pic has a triple-decker look. I had to throw in the awesome Hawai‘i sky picture. You’re welcome.

I may not have been in church lately, but I’ll go in for an apologetics conference or for certain speakers. I was pleased to find out that the Hawaii Apologetics Conference 2016 would have Dr. Os Guinness speaking. He is one of several persons I will search for online for their talks and/ or writings. Hearing him in person – worth it.

Is he from that Guinness family? Or that Guinness family?

You’ll have to find out on your own.

I missed the first night because I wasn’t well. I went the second day. I wanted to stay to meet him, maybe have him sign a book, but I was still not quite well. Mom and I picked up three of his books.

Oh, Mom – she can be a delight. She tends to get the short-end of listening to me talk about apologetics and other stuff that otherwise wouldn’t occur to her. She let me know about the conference and signed me up. At least this time she signed me up for something after asking me if I’d like to go. 

I also caught up with an old friend who’s my brother’s classmate from way back when. So that was nice.

I’m trying to put the phone camera pics and the camera pics together in order. The conference happened at the end of the week, so one would have to scroll to see proof of the Guinness.

On another subject: I’ve been going through my lip products lately, trying them on and deciding what to keep or pass on.

Here are the Week’s Peeks for the week of February 14th.

My valentine? 
Meanwhile, outside my door, working on my web prison...
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in After Dark
I've been branded
Ohh, I think this is... Urban Decay Spiderweb from the
Gwen Stefani Collection

Box of Passing On

Urban Decay + Gwen Stefani Lipstick in
Orly Kiss the Bride

Because a friend thinks that Cumberbatch
(the actor) is the male me :D

When I forget that she's a cat
and therefore does not play

(In my best TV ad salesman voice) But WAIT! If you scroll down right now, you’ll get a second dose of The Week’s Peeks for just fifty payments of free-ninety-nine!

Tuesday morning had me waking up with some stiffness in the neck. It wasn’t too bad, so I went to work. The pain worsened during the day, so much so that at lunch, I wanted to cry and almost did.

I’ll be okay though. I think I’ll write more details for a Healthy Go Friday post soon, hopefully. Today, the pain has dulled down and I have back most of the usual mobility.

Otherwise, not much went on, but I managed to get some pictures anyway.

Here are the Week’s Peeks for the week of February 21st.

"Autograph your work with excellence." -Author Unknown
Pain. Much pain.

When you tire yourself out fighting but refuse to quit

I'd like to show more Hawaii - this is by the Capitol
To the left
No, to the right!
Straight ahead now

Pain, more pain. Why having long nails sometimes scares
 me - this is after I cut the quarter-inch off

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