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Healthy Go: Go for A Spin

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, 5 February 2016.

Salads. I don’t know what it is but I don’t really like buying or ordering salads unless I’m at a restaurant. I think that I’m skeptical about the freshness of the greens and the sanitary conditions of the preparation.

I would buy the prepared salads in the bags from the grocery store, but then I tend to forget about it so a portion of it gets spoiled. Plus, I would wash them, but then not get out the extra moisture well enough.

About a month or so ago, I shared how I’ve started going to the farmer’s market. I thought I would figure out which greens I’d like, though I wasn’t looking forward to the prep time, get them from the farmer’s market, and make my own salads.

It hath begun. I also found that one of the farms sold bags of mixed greens, which helps with my prep time. I couldn’t say what the greens are in the bag. I also picked up a bag of spinach and green bell peppers. This past week, at the fm, I decided to also try the goat cheese from one of the booths. I chose the feta (crumbled), because that’s what I like.

Go for A Spin

To help the effort, I finally settled on a salad spinner. It’s the small OXO spinner. The inner basket comes out and can be used as a colander. The mechanism is a push top button that comes with a stopper and a lock that locks down the button for easy storage. So far, so good.

The top does have a second layer thing that spins the basket but it doesn’t detach. It bugs me some because I have a thing about being able to wash every single part of a kitchen dish/ tool/ container and this second layer thing doesn’t allow me to wash between the top and it. This is something I think about, especially with travel drink containers. Anyway, I thought I’d mention it in case someone else is disturbed about unreachable or un-washable parts, but I tell myself it’s a small thing compared to the usefulness of the spinner. I’ll still wash it with a brush, but it’s a hassle.

[Update, April 7, 2016: the top does come apart. I found out about a month ago because I was cleaning my room and found the card that came with the spinner. It showed that it comes apart. I guess I wasn't pulling hard enough when I tried to do it before, because I didn't want to break it.]

Here’s the salad:

Awfully green, right? Well, it don’t gotta be pretty (someone out there is cringing right now, I’m sure).

I forgot to add the avocado, or to pick up a red onion, or prepare any kind of meat protein like chicken. Oh, and I don’t put any dressing – that’s just my preference, I add the cheese for extra flavor. I did stuff the container full.

It was okay. It’s the only thing I had for lunch at work and I was fine (I’d had a good breakfast). I didn’t feel deprived or hungry still. I think next week, I’ll add some of the other stuff mentioned earlier, and cut the bell pepper into smaller pieces (about half the size).

The goat cheese was really good!

The whole prep process was easy. I loosely filled the inner basket with greens, washed them twice in the spinner bowl, then rinsed through the basket and drained some. I put it back into the bowl to spin. I spun the greens for about 30 seconds, and then put them into a container. I did the same for the spinach; I could’ve put the spinach in at the same time as the greens, but I thought I might do something else with them. I cut up the bell pepper, added that, and added some feta on top. Done. It took about 15 minutes, total, to make about 4 salads for the week.

And, it just feels good to be taking control of my salad.

I know, salads are not the sexiest of foods generally. I’d still rather have guava cake or garlic fries or roasted chicken or… wait, what? Salads. Don’t worry, I’m not going whole salads and forsaking the fries forever. I’m just having more of the former and less of the latter. I actually don’t mind having salads. I’m finding a better balance of healthy stuff and the occasional not-so-good-for-me stuff that I truly enjoy.

A reminder that I still enjoy what I like:

-only smaller portions of it at a time. I had one of the salads this day, then had the biscuit and piece of fried chicken. And, it didn’t take much willpower for me to stop at one piece even though fried chicken is something that I really enjoy.

Because it’s not really about what I eat. This is about the kind of health and life that I want. My body, and my mind, and my clothes, can’t take on extra weight much more. It’s time to slow down this train and reverse tracks.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional health anything. I am a health trekker, updating my audience with the different sights, and hopefully encouraging others on their own journeys. I am moving towards a healthier lifestyle in a slow and steady approach.

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