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The Week’s Peeks: A Peek into The Work of an Architecture Intern

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, December 9th, 2015.

This is the week’s peeks for the week of November 29th.

I work in a medium-sized architecture office, I’d say. I’ve worked in a smaller office and a much larger one. I like the small-medium offices for several reasons, one of which being that one has opportunities to be involved in different kinds of things more often.

Usually, I’m doing a lot of CAD work. Sometimes, I get to go along for a site visit or project meeting, and that can be exciting. I’ve made pick-up/ drop-off runs but that’s usually not one of my responsibilities; I don’t mind it because I get to learn where different agencies are and see with whom we work at times. I enjoy practically all of it.

This past week was slightly more interesting for me than most. It’s the holidays. The office has a thing where the new hires decorate the office tree. This year, there are four of us, but usually I leave the office early, so I didn’t get to do much on the tree; M, E, and A did most of it. It turned out great and I’ll show it in its full sometime – might only be on Instagram, but we’ll see. I’ll show it somewhere.

I was also able to help choose the color scheme of the tiles for one of the projects I’ve been helping on. It doesn’t sound very exciting, choosing tile for a restroom, but I thought it was cool to see how that comes together, the kinds of considerations that my mentor and I discussed.

And, I miss my Prisma color pencils. I need to get my own out and practice with them more.

Enough of my nonsense, on to the rest of the Peeks:

I love this time of year! :D

Yes, I do own more than just

Been having lunch at my desk, studying. Ah, thesis, how

It's Jump Rope Day! :D

The day of the Vons. This is not a pic of Vons though.

One of the newest buses I've
been on. Fancy.

Sushi Company: Spicy Ahi Donburi, one of the best.

In the previous post, I wrote about this balm.
The next day, an order came in which included
a mystery sample bag. Guess what was in the
bag? Yup, both the untinted and Rose balm.

My first present of the season, and it came on the last
day of November. Oops, I opened it already! :D

Another perk of this office: treats sent to
the office. Not exactly great for HG, but
I rarely turn down free food! :P

Oh. Yes. :D

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