Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Week’s Peeks: Curled Hair… Must Wear?

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, November 4th, 2015.

The week’s peeks from the week of October 25th. Enjoy!

It has been a long time but I try curling my hair again. The back is a mess because I’m worried about burning my hand (haven’t burned yet).

Note to self: get a heat styling glove (it would my free hand from curling iron burns).

What do you think of the curling? Must wear?

Black and white day, I'm ready.
Beautiful day for a site visit!
Bosses in Black Day lunch.
Took out the background mess.
Getting serious with the freshly curled.

Getting ready to jump!

Lilikoi? Mango? I don't care - it was good.
The infamous day of scanning.

I think that guy on the bus just
took a picture of me. Not the
Foot Guy. 
Makeup Geek Mermaid, Sei Bella
Mermaid on the eyes. Colourpop
Heart On on the lips. Coloupop
Cruel Intentions on the cheeks.

The back be a mess.

Mocha roll. It was okay.

Udi's lasagna, gluten free. It was okay.

Bring on the fruits again!

Re-sole-ing the Charles.

Salmon Cake Don. Pretty crunchy good.

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