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Celsius Body Temperature & Becoming Born Jennius

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Born Jennius, November 30th, 2015.

Celebrating my birthday has been an oddity since… I don’t remember when, but at least the last decade and probably more. This year, we had my birthday dinner late because my bro ran away (not actually, but I can’t seem to say things the normal way).

So, starting with my actual birthday, I made an order from Sephora so that I could use a gift card from bro for last year’s birthday and get the free Beauty Insider birthday item. The free item this year is a duo of NARS lip pencils. Cruella is a red from the velvet matte line; Rikugien (ree-koo-gui-en/ hard ‘g’/ a garden in Japan) is a pink from the satin line. They are the first NARS products that I have had.

Other free items I received were the usual 3 samples with purchase and a deluxe sample. Most of the time, I choose fragrance samples, because I can try them, pass them on, use them on the go if I like it, etc. This time, I tried Thierry Mugler’s Alien, Tocca’s Cleopatra, and Issey Miyake’s L’eau d’Issey. I have a sample of Tocca’s Florence, which I really like; Cleopatra is pretty good as well, so I’m interested in trying other Tocca fragrances later on. Alien and the Issey fragrances were just okay for me, so I’m going to pass them along.

The deluxe sample is from Narciso Rodriguez, for her l’absolu (deep red). I think it’s a rendition of the brand’s for her line, which has an Eau de Parfum (pink) and an Eau de Toilette (black). I’ve sampled the EDP in a store and didn’t like it much. I’ve had a sample of the EDT and really like that one. I still like the EDT over the l’absolu, but I’m keeping the sample for now.

The not-so-free items I purchased were a pair of false eyelashes from Make Up For Ever, a lip product applicator, and a face powder. Now, the lashes look a little dramatic for my taste, but the style was named “Jennifer”; yes, sometimes, I buy things with my same name. I do plan to use them though. I think MUFE redesigned their eyelashes, so these aren’t named anymore but the style that might be the same or similar is designated as “C-703 Winged.”

The applicator is by Swoon for Sephora. I’m going to use this for lip glosses, so that I can hopefully keep from contaminating the products and thereby help them to last longer.

 The main purchase was the Hourglass Ambient lighting Powder in Diffused Light. The Hourglass powders have been talked about in the beauty community for a while now, but they are higher end then I am used to and I took my time considering which one to try. Finally deciding to use the gift card on a powder, I settled on Diffused Light by the review by Paris B of My Women Stuff; I think we have similar enough skin tones.

From Nordstrom, I splurged and picked up four of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows: Cleopatra, Jean, Marie Antoinette, and Veruschka. No gift cards, this was from me, to me. I used them for the first time for my birthday dinner look… and I like them! I’ll have to continue using them more to really know how much I like them, but I am not disappointed. The order qualified for a gift with purchase, which was a sample of the CT Charlotte’s Magic Cream Moisturizer and a (faux?) leather-encased pocket mirror with its own sleeve – fanciest gw/p I’ve ever received.

Since dinner was going to be delayed, I got myself a few treats here and there. I picked up the birthday drink from Starbucks – a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino Light; I also got a salmon skin temaki and a spicy ahi donburi from Ninja Sushi. Another day, I picked up two slices of cheesecake from Otto’s and visited with the grandparents. I think the flavors, if I recall correctly, were German Chocolate and Orange Cherry Chocolate – both excellent choices.

I got something in the mail from Shelly, which came about the day before my birthday, so I’m assuming it was for my birthday. It’s a Trrtlz yellow owl bracelet – yellow is one of my favorite colors and I have a thing for owls – perfect. Another friend spent time with me for my birthday, and that was good.

Finally, dinner. By that time, I didn’t want a dinner; I have an okay/ meh relationship about celebrating my birthday. Sometimes I spend it with family, sometimes with friends, or with family and friends, and on occasion, not at all.

However, I told myself a few years ago that celebrating my birthday is not just about me – it’s also about my parents who had me and raised me all these years, and my bro who watched and watched out for me. It’s for the family.

We went to Chili’s. Dad and Mom sit on one side of the table; Bro, Bro’s GF, and I sit on the other side. Then the GF said I should be in the middle because it was my birthday, so she made us switch. They have a computerized ordering system on the table that also has games and such, so Mom and GF played the games as a team. I think they had a good time with that.

I ordered an alcohol drink, pulled out my I.D. After a few minutes, the server came back and said that they were out of that drink, would I like something else? I glance at the menu quickly and order a different drink. I read the ingredients of the drink and told my bro that I didn’t realize the drink had rum in it. He thought I was saying that I didn’t realize it was an alcohol drink. I was saying that I saw it had vodka, but didn’t realize the rum, and I don’t like rum; I knew it was an alcohol drink. I couldn’t explain it to Bro though.

See, this is why I sound dumber than I am. He’s the genius. I’m the Jennius. Speaking is difficult. Words are difficult. I’d rather go back to thinking.

I had the smoked chicken burrito – good.

So, last year, when the dessert came, Mom divvied up the dessert but she took the first piece. This time, Bro said to remind Mom that we were there for my birthday. What happened this time though, was that Mom and GF decided on and ordered dessert from the computerized thing – they had figured out how to do that.

I had the first piece and the last piece of the cheesecake that I did not have a say over and did not choose.

One of these days, Mom will remember my birthday. :P

Overall, I guess it was an okay birthday. It could have been worse.

Oh, also, you may have noticed a few changes recently. The journal formerly known as “Who I Am” ( is now…

Born Jennius!

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