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Healthy Go: Back To Square One

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, October 23rd, 2015.

I know right – where has the HG been? Hibernation.

I may be back at my highest weight ever now. I don’t know the number because I haven’t weighed myself lately, but I think I just gained all the weight back and so I’m basically back to where I started from three years ago.

(                ) Yup.

Ugh, I think I’m just trying my best to manage all the things of Life and not doing too well. It’s not like I can really cut any of it out though. I have to work. I have to budget. I have to watch what I eat. I have to move more. I have to work on thesis. I have to relate with people. I have to take care of the cats. I have to make myself relax and enjoy something once in a while. So on, and so on and so on. That’s life, woman – get to it.

Dumb, right? That I can’t manage well and that I stress out, about Life. To put it into perspective, I spent about a decade being depressed and NOT living, so living now (the past 7 years or so) is still… I have to figure it out. If that makes any sense. I need to build better habits that will help me with it all. I get better at it, and then more is added, which is expected.

All that stress has shown up on my waistline.

Time to fight back.


TITLE Classic Leather Speed Rope
I finally got a new jump rope that is the right length for my height. I plan to use it soon, like this weekend, or even today, soon. I haven’t yet (as I’m writing this) because I didn’t have shoes either. I tested out the rope a little in barefeet, so I think it’s a good length.

TITLE Classic Leather Speed Rope. Weighted handles.
I’m 5’2 ½”. The rope is 8 ½’. I got it off of Amazon, the TITLE Classic Leather Speed Rope. It also comes in 7.5’ and 9.5’. I think the 7.5’ would have been too short for me despite recommended height-lengths. It comes with a mesh cinch-bag. It’s all coiled up, but it uncoils as it’s whipped around for jumping, at least it did for me. I probably won’t keep it in the bag all the time though, so I can just get out there. It comes with weighted handles that can be taken off – I prefer weighted handles when I’m in better shape.

Champion C9 and New Balance Sports Bras

Other new gear: sports bras and shoes! Seriously, I hadn’t bought new workout stuff in… I’m gonna guess it’s been at least 5 years. I already had a post about my old pairs of shoes which were both about a decade old.

The bras came padded, but the pads are removable.
I’m guessing that my old sports bras are about 5 years old. I needed something with newer support-life in them. Earlier this month, I got 2 new Champion C9 bras on sale, and then 2 new New Balance bras on discount. I’ve done a few exercises at home, like mountain climbers and such, and so far, the bras are working out – I mean, I’m good with them, they’re good with me (?) – you know what I’m saying.

I decided to leave the black Skechers at work, which meant that I was on the hunt for a dedicated workout pair that I could keep at home (or run to and from work, the buses, etc.). I was looking at either runners or trainers – I used to get NB trainers and really like them for the arch supports mainly.

ASICS Contend3 Running Shoes
This time, I went with ASICS Contend3 runners. The color combo is “Titanium/ Aqua Splash/ Mallard”, is what the box says – dark gray, aqua, and white is what it is. I don’t enjoy running because my knees tend to hurt, but I’ve been considering going on a run, like I have a desire to feel the wind in my hair for some reason. Likely, I’ll do what I normally do which is go on the elliptical at the gym – it doesn’t hurt my knees and I’m less likely to fall on the ground. And, of course, I can use them while jump-roping and other activities.

I just got the shoes this week, like a couple days ago, so time to move it!

Breakfast: potato and sweet potato cubes, Vienna sausages,
and scrambled eggs
While I was sick for so long, my diet took a dive. Just this past week, I started to get back into prepping my meals again. This week, I’ll grocery shop again for more fruits and veggies. 

I plan to skip the morning Coffee Bean or Jamba Juice drink at least once a week (I only work part-time) and have hot tea at work instead – I’ve already done that a few times. It’s been easier now that I have the tumbler, because the A/C at work is good so hot tea would quickly become cold tea in a mug but stays hotter longer in the tumbler.

The fire stairs at work
I’ve tackled the fire stairs at work twice now. I don’t think I’ll be doing that more. Being fire stairs, it’s closed off from most of the air, which made it difficult for me to breathe the more I climbed. At first, I thought the shortness of breath was only being out of shape, but I realized that it’s also that there’s no fresh air. I was able to do those 50+ flights of stairs on campus last fall semester more easily because most of them were in fresh air and that helps a lot. 

I’m gonna hafta think up some other ways to get more activity in on the work days.

I had planned to write more about memories and motivations and encouragements and such – that’ll have to come later as that takes more of me to write. As always, I’ve already been thinking about it a lot, I just haven’t written it in a coherent fashion yet and I’d like to work it out more.

  • What healthy thing have you been up to?

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional health anything. I am a health trekker, updating my audience with the different sights, and hopefully encouraging others on their own journeys. I am moving towards a healthier lifestyle in a slow and steady approach.

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