Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcoming Matt & No Plain Jane

Post originally published by Jennifer on Who I Am, September 5th, 2015.

Welcoming Matt

One of my preferred Greek restaurants was on my way one day so I stopped in. It was a busy lunch hour. Most tables were taken. I usually take out anyway.

In front of the counter, there was a food delivery bag on the floor. Two men were sitting in two of the three wait chairs lining the wall near the counter.

After I ordered, one of the men stood up and offered me his seat. The other man scooted into the corner more so that all three of us could sit. He received a phone call and took it outside. The first man spoke first.

“You look beautiful today.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I hope I wasn’t the first to tell you that today.”

“You were the first.”

His name was Matt. He said that his grandmother told him that nobody ever told her she was beautiful, so he makes it a point to tell someone often. He just moved here from Utah and he enjoys hospice work. He was tall, with a calming voice. I think he was a redhead.

We had a pleasant talk until my order was ready. We wished each other a good day and moved on. It was nice to have a pleasant and easy conversation with someone without any hint of expectation.

The restaurant was also my destination when I had run into The Toucher earlier in the summer – not a mark against the restaurant at all. It was as if God allowed me to have a redeeming experience along one of my frequented routes.

No Plain Jane

Mom and I were out at a market one day. She recognized someone and called out to her, Aunty Jane, a family friend from years ago. We caught up with each other for quite a while. Let me tell you, she is no plain Jane. I don’t remember her being quite so feisty, but we miss some things when we’re children.

It’s good to have someone remember me, and continue to think of me, as a good girl.

Mom and I picked up sushi.


And now you’re wondering how I kept them from seeing my dark side. It takes skill.

So, great meeting new people and running into dear friends again. If you see me around, say hello. Don’t let my awkwardness intimidate you.

Until then, try giving someone a smile or a compliment and see how it can change one’s outlook.

I’ll write to you next time.

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