Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Week’s Peeks – Jennius-sized September

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, September 30th, 2015.

I had this idea. 

I thought I would post pictures more regularly, since I’m taking so many but haven’t been doing anything with them, because I haven’t been posting on here much at all. So I have a backlog of pictures, some I think are cool, some just to note what I’ve been doing, and I would like to get more of them out there.

And the more things piled up, here we are at the end of September and I haven’t posted a one.

You know how I go!

Anyway, I think I’ll call these “The Week’s Peeks,” kind of like “Sneak peek” but I don’t like sneaking and it wouldn’t quite fit. Or “Week’s Peaks,” but not everything I post would be considered a peak, hardly anything, actually; I have difficulties considering peaks and valleys types of stuff.

However, I got it to rhyme and people like rhymes, right?

The idea is to post pictures from the past week, along with some commentary or not (but not a full post). I haven't settled yet on what day of the week I plan to have these up. 

Here is a Jennius-sized “Week’s Peeks” to start off - enjoy!

Or not. Its okay.

Phone pictures:
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tumbler,
full of Blood Orange Iced Tea - yum!

Maybe someone should feed the horses.
After work, taking a long walk on a hot day.
First time here.
Fried rice and egg!

One of the flood days. Dillingham had no sidewalks.
I can't remember the last time I sat
in the absolute back of the bus (I tend
not to just for personal safety concerns.
Also, I want that guy's gray jacket.
This bag has had it. Yellow dandruff everywhere.

Trying out a different kind of perspective.

Mango Black Tea.
I think I'll pass. I could still taste
a peach flavoring and I don't like that.
A gift from the work Nora! Mmm....
Whatever your opinion of it is. I think of bro fists.Or a meeting of dragons.
Obligatory Creeper Shot.

I took time to choose between ear bud colors, deciding on the blue.
Later, I realized how well the blue matched the blue covering.
Good job, Jennius.
Look, it's like they're kissing! Eewww! :P
"This car has a good turning radius!"
Inside joke, but I laugh every time!

Oh, garlic fries, why are you not "good" for me?!!
Trying out 3 facial skincare products for the first time.
This is what I'm starting with, let's see how it goes....
"Whatchu mean? This IS my chair! YOU get off!"

Go 'Bows! And go Claire Marie Anderson!
Cleaned up the room some. Rearranged a little so I don't have
wires crossing the floor anymore.
Sick week: how I felt.
"Could you... maybe... get healthy and leave, so I can
have the bed to myself again?"
Whenever I see my cat sleep with one eye open, Metallica
plays in my head.

Trying out the Colourpop.
Probably the fanciest gift with purchase I have
ever received.
My sick-bowl of snacks.
Tanioka's! Where have you been the last several months?!
Is that not amazingly beautiful?

Hoot hoot hoots!
Sick week: trying to mask the sickness.

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