Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It’s A Shoe In

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, September 8th, 2015.

I needed a new pair of shoes. Seriously.

I know what you’re thinking: a woman and her heels, probably has a closet full of shoes already, doesn’t need another pair of shoes.

But I did.

In the last 10 years, I have bought maybe 5 pairs of shoes, including slippers. 2 pairs of Scott slippers, 1 pair of boots (which I bought for a Halloween costume, and might start wearing regularly this autumn), a pair of Betsey Johnson heels, and I threw in another in case I have bought but forgotten one.

Prior to that, I have kept maybe 6 pairs of shoes: 4 heels and 2 athletic/ sneakers. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 20 pairs at one time. Here are the current state of one of my sneakers:

I needed a new pair of shoes.


I tried finding a new pair of sneakers during 4th of July sales, and went early. It was madness trying to go through stores because people, people, people – one needs some space to try on shoes in a relaxed manner. And, my size is about average, I think, because it’s almost always the first to sell out. Unless I wanted a wild color/ pattern combo or something, which I don’t usually, so I struck out.

I went again recently and found a pair of sneakers I could use for work, in case I get to visit a job site or something. I started out discouraged, as most of the shoes either didn’t have the color and/ or size that I liked. I settled for a pair of rather plain black (which I had hoped for) Skechers on discount; this pair shall be worn for work mostly.

Okay, I didn’t need a new pair of heels, but the outlet store of a brand that I really like was in the same shopping center so I checked it out.

I appreciate style and design, but didn’t used to think much about paying for it in shoes. I used to buy really cheap heels, but the first time I bought a brand name pair of shoes online, I found out that with shoes, a higher price could absolutely be worth it – not always, but often. I still buy on sale/ discount though, because, Chinese… or just poor and slightly stingy.

I was lucky with that online pair because I usually want to try on shoes before buying and that pair looks like it did on the screen/ in pictures and fits beautifully. I could wear them for hours. They have held up great as well; I only have to change out or just recover the insole as that part has broken up quite a bit – I’ve had it for about a decade.

Now, I have a great appreciation for a pair of well-made shoes, even if they cost more than I would like to pay – free would be amazing, right?! A wall of shoes would be wonderful but I still can’t see myself having an entire wall or closet of them.

Back to the recent heels purchase… I went to the Nine West Outlet store. I’d been there a few times before over the years and liked the styles overall – I didn’t buy any but knew I would want to someday when I could afford it.

I bought a pair that I had tried before; I didn’t get them then because the last pair in my size kind of had flaws in the heel part – good thing I had noticed because I tend to miss details like that. When I went this last time, they had more back in stock. Again, there was only one pair left in my size, but the heels were good, everything else looked good, so I decided to get them. They are the Ohemgee style in the color Cloud (gray with some pattern) with a 3.5-inch heel.

And… a pair of patent Love Fury heels in Talpa (medium beige). I’ve been looking for a pair of nude heels, would still like one in more of a blush tone (light pinkish beige), but these felt so good and were on a deep discount, about 17% of the original price (includes a sale promotion). Bonus: I like the box – a side pullout style that made it easy to get out a pair for trying on. More shoe boxes should be like this but probably costs more or something. This is a 4-inch heel.

There was a third pair of shoes that I wanted, a navy in a similar style, but the sale promotion was a BOGO-50% and I couldn’t come up with a fourth pair that I thought I would wear often enough. Besides, it’s not in this month’s budget, so it will have to wait or I will have to be okay if it’s sold out by then.

The guy who checked me out was cool. He asked me which pair I liked more. I couldn’t say. Then he started to tell me more about them. He seemed very knowledgeable about the brand as well as the style of these pairs. I love it when I come across someone who loves their job, or at least some aspect of it.

 According to the cashier, if I remember correctly, the Love Fury is sold at the main stores and was just brought over to the outlet also. He likes the detail on the underside of the arch; he had seen it done on a higher end brand (maybe Gucci?) and thought it was great so he was glad to see it on the Love Fury. They are thinking of switching the Love Fury over to the Ohemgee style. 

I hadn’t noticed just how similar the styles were until I set them out when I got home. The differences are very slight. I don’t know that I would’ve looked closer if the guy hadn’t said something (I really should pick up names so I could at least use an initial or something).

Update: I wrote this post back in July.

I mentioned in a recent Healthy Go post about my feet swelling the first time I wore one of the heels to work. I have since been wearing a pair of heels about once a week and my feet are doing much better. The toes swell some, because again, my feet are wide, but they are back to normal by the time I get home (having switched to slippers on the way).

I still kinda walk funny in them. Especially with the 4-inch Love Fury, I sometimes catch the heel in the carpet slightly as I lift my foot up to take a step. Not too often though. I haven’t tripped in either pair of heels yet. (Here comes the bachi).

When I have room in my budget again for heels, I may just pick up another pair of heels. I don’t know if it will be another Nine West pair for sure, but it’s definitely on the list of brands.

I am happy with my new shoes. And I’m still under 20 pairs total.

All I need now is a pair of sneakers for workouts. And arch support inserts.

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