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I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, September 29th, 2015.

Okay, “love” is a strong word. Well, maybe not….

From my dear young age when the only nail polish I wore were glitters that my cousins would put on me when they babysat, to the days when I only wanted one color on my nails (a pearlescent plum shade from Sally Hansen), my nail lacquer phases have come and gone and changed many times.

Lately, I’ve been into two nail things, one of them being I Love Nail Polish. [http://www.ilnp.com/]

I stumbled across a YouTube channel by JessFACE90. I like her swatch videos. It was one of her videos that introduced me to the world of indie nail polishes (among so many other things nail polish). Then I searched Etsy for indie nail polishes, ending in overwhelming myself with all the choices of themed nail polishes that interested me in one way or another.

Gaia, 3 layers, on its own.
Eventually, I settled on ILNP with their ultra-chrome flakies. I started with a few ultra-chrome flakies, a couple of them with a holographic (H) effect to them, and then I got Mega (S) as well. I am very pleased with the formula – easy to apply, easy to take off (it’s not like a glitter), and lasted at least 4 days without chipping, each (sometimes longer, depending on what I was doing). I didn’t expect to get into holographic, sparkly nails as much as I am now.

Gaia, Rapture, Cold Fusion (H), Mega (S), Phoenix (H)
Being impressed with the formula, I pre-ordered some from their Summer 2015 collections, plus a multi-chrome from a previous collection. They are just as beautiful as the previous ones. I keep looking at my nails when I have these polishes on. They’re so dimensional, the holograph-icity is unbelievable in the sunlight, and yet the colors are still unassuming in other lights.

I See You, Shoreline, Long Walks, Ten Fold, 
Honor Roll, Mutagen (H)
ILNP is a 3-free, cruelty-free vegan brand with a rewards program (purchased from their website, not their Etsy site, as far as I know) and free shipping program (with a minimum purchase). The first order arrived within a week. The second order took two weeks because it was a pre-order that I had ordered near the end of the offer period. Both shipments were well-packed, nothing broken, with good presentation. Each bottle contains 0.4 fl. oz. (12 mL). The brush handle is rubberized for sufficient grip. The brush itself is slightly wide and flat, which I personally prefer.

ILNP typical brush, slightly wide and flat.
 Overall, I really like ILNP’s polishes. There hasn’t been a disappointing one. Still, I’m partial to a few from the bunch: Mega (S) for its name and beauty, Phoenix (H) because the colors and shift show up so well, and I See You is a gorgeous nude with amazing shine in the sunlight.

Ten Fold. Ring finger: layered over China Glaze's
For Audrey
Ugh, they’re all beautiful. I mean, Ten Fold reminds me of sitting at the edge of a pool on a hot day, skimming the top of the water with my hands – doesn’t that sound wonderful? That’s it, I’m going swimming right now!

Well, maybe not quite right now….

If you'd like more pictures, details, an individual post, etc., of any of the polishes, let me know!

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

All products were purchased myself.

Cold Fusion, 2 coats over OPI's 4 In the Morning.
I wish the color shift was more distinct, but I love
the colors.
Mega (S)
Phoenix (H), 2 coats over and partnered
with OPI's 4 In the Morning.
Long Walks. This has more subtle holographic shimmer and
floating gold specks.
ILNP typical bottle, rubberized grip cap, name labelled
on the bottom.
ILNP typical shipment packaging. The tissue
paper has the ILNP heart circle logo print.

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