Saturday, July 11, 2015


Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, July 11th, 2015.

I decided to get out of the office for lunch one day, just on my own. Greek/ Mediterranean food had been on my mind. I knew that just getting there, picking up food, and then getting back would probably take up the whole lunch hour, but I was willing to have a few bites for lunch and then enjoy the rest of it for dinner.

I took the bus to the restaurant – that went as expected. The food took a little longer than usual because another customer was talking to the hostess about something – fine, I still had enough time.

An elder man at the bus stop started talking to me, asked a few questions. He seemed harmless enough and I always give vague answers to strangers. That was fine. When the bus came, he was offering me food, which I refused, and he didn’t hear or didn’t understand when I asked if he was waiting for this bus because I thought he indicated that he wasn’t waiting for that bus.

It was the bus I was waiting for, so I stood waiting for passengers to get off so that I could get on.

Two people were getting off through that front door of the bus, so I stood close but to the side. I was still trying to be aware of where the elder man was (for my safety and peace of mind, just in case).

The man coming off of the bus was saying, “Daaaaaang, soooo biiiig….”

Before I realized what was going on, that man elbowed my chest.

. . .

With my free hand, I hit his arm away from me and created space. I said, in a forceful tone, “Excuse me.” I glanced at him sideways, more so to make sure that he was moving away from me or we were going to have a more serious problem.

It was like he didn’t notice a thing. He was still staring at my chest.

The woman who was behind him waited for me to put my arm down, because I was now blocking the doorway, and got off the bus. I got on the bus.

I was in a very curt mood when I got back to the office, but I tried not to show it. I think I was able to give polite answers when the first person then asked me a few questions, because he had seen the food in my hands. I kept as cool as possible until I got home and could let out the rage.

Yes, so.

I had noticed that the man coming off seemed to be headed right to me and coming up close. I had noticed that his head was turned downwards, not walking head high.

Again, I was still preoccupied with the elder man. I was also making sure that it was the right bus to get me back, thinking about what I had to do first when I got back, thinking about how good the food smelled, etc.

As usual, I was processing a bunch of things at once.

I told Mom about it on the way home. I had to tell someone because I was just so furious. I told her not to tell Dad, because Dad doesn’t like me going around on my own as it is, but she told him how I was ready to kill and so he came to me asking about it.


The man was maybe in his 20s, about 5’6” to 5’8”, wearing black knee-length shorts. He had tanned brown skin with tattoos on his arms, maybe on his chest too, about a medium build – I know this because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. He might have been wearing a red baseball cap as well.

I don’t think it was someone on a prank or dare. I don’t think it was someone I knew playing a joke on me, as I can’t think of anyone I know who would be so daring to mess with me in such a way – I’m just saying, I’ve been told that I’m scary and intimidating, *shrug*.

I’m glad it didn’t escalate further. If I hadn’t been on my way somewhere in a certain amount of time, I probably would have done something… more. Now that I’ve experienced that incident, should another such incident occur, I probably will do something more about it.

For now, continued vigilance about my personal safety, especially on my own. What else is there to do? I take precautions, like on the city bus, I never sit on the inside seat when a man offers it, no matter how gentlemanly or well-intentioned he might seem. I do appreciate the gesture though; it’s not as common a practice anymore.

By the way, the elder man did get on the bus after I did. He seemed possibly not all conscious, maybe confused, as it took him a long time to get to a seat and sit down.

Well, now that I’m calmer about the thing, I hope the toucher man gets himself straightened out, whatever it was that made him do it, before he tries that on someone less… charitable than I was and gets straightened out by them.

  • Question: How ought a Christian respond to being touched inappropriately by a stranger in passing?

I caught myself almost missing The Sneezer. :P

Stay safe, people. :) 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hitting Pan and Other Crimes of Passion

Post originally published by Jennifer X on Who I Am, June 18th, 2015

I have not been organizing a monthly beauty palette. I don’t have the motivation to work on one (choosing items, writing, taking pictures, etc.) while working a full-time job. I still wanted to be able to write about what I’ve been doing beauty-wise, so here is more of a report of what’s been happening in my world of cosmetics.

While I’m not officially doing the monthly thing for now, I am somewhat operating as if I have chosen a group of products for the month, yet also breaking away from that group on a regular basis. The office isn’t so conservative that I can’t wear pops of color at all, but I want to look “work-appropriate”, so I might slip in a green eye look whenever I want to but not a purple-red-silver eye look.

The monthly thing was like good training for understanding what goes on my face, where, when, and with what, so I’m glad that I had gone through that experience for several months. I sometimes forget mascara still, and a couple of times, I almost forgot to fill in my eyebrows, but other than that, it’s been great.

Products for Continuous Feature

The products for continuous feature (monthly beauty palettes) have remained in constant use. The progress on those items are roughly (% used up):
     (75%)   Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup – Natural Beige
     (50%)   Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – Transparent
     (97%)   Revlon Photoready Concealer – Light Medium (See Note 1 at end)
     (55%)   Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles – Brightener
     (20%)   NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder – Taupe/ Ash
     (Who knows??)             *Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara
I am quite pleased with the progress overall.

Sometimes I use another foundation, but I think I can finish up the Neutrogena Healthy Skin with regular use over the next 6 weeks. The Revlon Photoready Concealer is almost all gone; I have been using a brush to  scrape the last bits down in the tube, which has been taking a long time but I expect to be done with it in another month – I would repurchase it (though not yet since I have two other concealers to use).

The Big Fatty Mascara is still going 6 months strong! I think I’m going to throw it out though because mascara is not something that one ought to use for that long (recommended use is around 3 months), for hygienic reasons, so it’s about time that I decide on the next one to try and to use up. I have 4 to choose from, but I would purchase the Big Fatty if it’s the best of the ones I try/ have tried.

All month, I have been switching up the lip colors often. I used:
     MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection – Charmed, I’m Sure (LE)
     L’Oreal Infallible – Tender Berry
     Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil – Sable, Rhubarb
     Milani Color Statement – Nude Crème, Flirty Fuchsia, Matte Orchid
     MAC – Ravishing
     Urban Decay Revolution – Fiend
     Revlon Lip Butter – Peach Parfait
     Rimmel Show-Off Lip Lacquer – Aurora
     Maybelline Vivid – Vivid Rose
And probably a few others that I have forgotten to mention. I’ve been more mindful of making use of the more liquid products, as they deteriorate quicker than the cream sticks, so I’m glad that I’ve used them. Other than that, I’ve been using the more muted lip colors, and throwing into the mix a red or bright fuchsia pop.

The thing I have been excited about and that has kept me going well with the makeup use is that earlier this month, I hit pan on at least a couple of products!

For those who didn’t know, most powder cosmetic products come in a (usually aluminum) pan. People get excited about “hitting pan” (seeing the first signs of the pan) because powder products last long and take a long time to use up. Some cream products, like a cream blush, come in a pan also.

I hit the tiniest bit of pan on one of the brow powders from the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder – I think it’s the Taupe shade with the pan showing. I have been using this brow powder duo for years, with a hiatus from it while I tried an eyebrow pencil. I was striking Taupe with a brush in the same spot on purpose (to get to the pan). I know it sounds so strange but I am happy about hitting pan.

My medium-sized Z-Palette.
Plus, I broke the cover, so I depotted the powders and put it in my Z-palette.

The other product is the second shade (not named) in the Quartz Quartet eye shadow quad from Physicians Formula. The formula of this palette is really soft, kicks up powder easily, and so hitting pan on one of these wasn’t as exciting as for the brow powder. The softer, more powdery the formula, the easier it is to reach pan, to use it up. Still, I am pleased with the progress. Hitting pan is hitting pan.

I think I am close to hitting pan on MAC’s Ricepaper (see Note 2). I’m excited because Ricepaper was one of, if not the first, MAC eye shadow that I purchased so many years ago. For a long time, it was the only highlighting shadow that I owned, and so made regular use of it. I moved away from it for a long time as well because I wasn’t too sure about using such a frosty kind of shadow. I returned to it this month, as I’ve been using the products in the Z-palette more regularly (since breaking the cover to the eyebrow powder), and since I had gotten more comfortable with shimmery, frosty shadows in recent years.

Maybelline Color Tattoos come in pots, not pans; however, I have hit bottom on Icy Mint. I have started to use the Color Tattoos from the side so that I can more easily see the progress as I use them up and that is what I did here. It didn’t take long, if one were to count up the individual times that I used Icy Mint – the pot isn’t as deep as it seems.

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Virgin / Sin / Naked / Sidecar
I didn’t change up the eye look colors as much as I had with the lip colors. I’ve been focused mainly on making progress with the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (63%). Other shades and palettes I used several times in June:
     Urban Decay Naked Palette – Virgin, Naked, Sidecar
     MAC – Ricepaper, Satin Taupe, Bamboo
     Makeup Geek – Cinderella, Mango Tango, Moondust
Sidecar was and remains my top shade from the Naked Palette – I might purchase it in the single shadow format, but it can wait. Ones from June’s set listed above that I would repurchase: Ricepaper, Bamboo, Cinderella, Moondust – I really enjoy these colors. I had to grow into loving Cinderella.

For blush, I mostly used NYX’s Peach. Since I was going to be using the Z-palette more often, I put Peach back in there too. It made the morning routine easier.

With perfumes, I mostly switched it up between Chloe by Chloe, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY, and Honey by Marc Jacobs. Honey is still just okay for me, but I have come to like Fresh Blossom again, maybe even more than previously. Chloe is yet one of the tops of the tops though.

I didn’t take time to really take pictures of any beauty thing – it’s going to be tough to do in the mornings or weekends for how I tend to like doing the old makeup pictures/ posts.

Note 1: Since working on this post and having taken the photos, I have finished off the concealer. There is still a little product down at the bottom of the tube, but I’m calling it finished. The moving part in the tube has cleat-like things at the bottom which held the product in place and may ruin the brush I use to get the product out now, and I don’t think it’s worth it to scrape it out more – I’m cheap, but the time and effort to cost ratio to dig the rest out doesn’t make the grade.

Note 2: I have also hit the tiniest bit of pan on Ricepaper!

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup anything. I am a journeyman makeup enjoyer, hopefully contributing something interesting to my audience. All items purchased by myself unless otherwise noted. For comparison, my skin is a medium yellow tone with cool undertones; the foundations that best match me has been: MAC Studio Fix C30, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Natural Beige 60, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Medium Beige 250.