Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Remembering Spencer Leineweber

A great woman has passed away. For me, she was Professor, Advisor, and Inspirer.

Sun rising over Maui, seen from Kaho'olawe.
Photo credit: Debbie Kohn

A. Spencer Leineweber, “Spencer” as she preferred, was the second studio instructor I had at Second College. She was different from any other instructor I’ve had and one of the best. She was encouraging without compromising on firmness, grounded without losing vision, hard-working with excellence, while still having time to care for those with whom she came into contact.

And I was one of the fortunate ones.

Spencer waiting with us on dinner.
Photo credit: Debbie Kohn

I would not have a degree at all today if it were not for Spencer. She’s a good part of the reason why I didn’t give up. She helped me to see what I could accomplish for right then and also gave me a sight of what would be the next steps, which was the guidance I needed for several years.

When I was digging a hole for myself, she didn’t crush me. When I was crawling out of the hole, she extended her hand. When the hole has been fully filled again, she will be in my thoughts.

Our School of Architecture crew on this particular
Kaho'olawe huaka'i. Spencer is second from the right.
Photo credit: Debbie Kohn

Rest in Peace, Spencer.

With deepest gratitude,

“I don’t always start with the positive, but when I do, it’s because Spencer was my teacher.”

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