Saturday, May 30, 2015

To Every Season, Turn [May 2015 Updates]

*Wakes up, yawns, stretches…* Wait, what? It’s almost June already? Where did May go?!

It’s been another quiet month, I know. End of the semester completion, right into an anxious rush for a position, and then in prep mode.

The course went well for me. I found my final topic so interesting that I went full Ti-mode on it; I got an A, of course. The course had an oral/ speech focus, which was helpful for me to practice presenting in front of people again. If I know my subject well enough and I have at least a day to prepare, I am generally okay with public speaking; while several classmates would get sick to their stomachs, I enjoyed presenting my studio projects and receiving feedback. Well, I think I’ve also improved my system for presenting, like note prep and slide coordination, etc., so that’s cool.

I’m rejoining the work force! At least for this summer. The title picture is me trying on possible new work clothes. 

Thanks to my bro and his gf for alerting me to the open position and getting the connection going. I’ve been given a summer internship, with the possibility of staying on after. It all happened quite quickly. I also met the person who heads up the interiors department, and it looks like I might get to work with her some – I am excited for that. I really needed this break and I hope I do the job well.

Previously, I would pull out the resume and portfolio every so often and kind of work on updating them. I applied online for a couple of jobs, but not really with full pursuit. I haven’t had a paid position in about a decade (I had an unpaid internship) and all the pressure I put on myself over it – I mean, I’ve been feeling for several years now that I’m ready to work again, just been psyching myself out. I am very grateful that God placed me in such a supportive family all these tough years – it couldn’t have been easy for my family yet there is much love.

I’m also relieved because I was looking at an interesting internship opportunity on Maui and kicking myself for not being in a position to make the move on my own. I didn’t want to ask my family to finance me living elsewhere.

So, I don’t know what my schedule will be yet, and it might flex at times. What that means for posting here, I don’t know. Subjects will probably get more varied again. The office is on the conservative side, so makeup looks probably won’t be that exciting and colorful to share. Maybe I’ll show you guys around town or something more like that. I’ll be scoping out the stair conditions for HG for sure.

Now that I have a rough idea of an income, I looked up budget advice and worked out one for myself, tailoring a spreadsheet to keep track – I’m thinking I could write a post on it. This will also be an experiment on how I tend to do a minimalist workplace wardrobe. Meal planning… is kind of here and there, we’ll see. Adulting is tough, yet perhaps someone might prefer to take advice from a friend’s journey – I’d be sharing what worked and didn’t work for me, and any mistakes from which I think another might learn.

This opportunity came so suddenly that it also gave me the push to completely rework my portfolio, sad though it may be for lack of recent work. Looking at my old projects, I was reminded of why I was so proud of them and how much work I had put into them, how much I really do enjoy architecture. I wish I had the time to rebuild some of it for better images. Ugh. Well, with this push, and great online resources, I think I can pull off a decent portfolio and set up a system that will make it easier to update for the future, so that at least I shouldn’t be so stressed about it the next time should I need it. I’m considering an online portfolio also.

I know, one thing changes and I’m raring to do everything! Because I am also considering a photography portfolio. I think I have a good eye for composition and colors and such, but that I should also invest in a class or two, so that I can polish my skills and be able to speak technical more. And save up for a better camera.

Before I do that, I would like to take a Revit course on the architectural modeling side. I want to i.d. my room, partially for practice since technically, that’s what my degree is in. I need to practice drawing by hand again.

I have a lot I would like to read. I also have a lot I would like to write.

I just want to do all the things I want to do, what else? Just having this big break for me gives me hope and some means to maybe accomplish some of this. At least I don’t have to cringe so much when someone asks me what I do (nothing, I still do nothing).

And before all of that, the big monkey on my back – THESIS.

I’m trying to stay cool. It’s all not quite real to me until I start. And then finish the first day. And then the first week. And have deposited the first check.

One thing at a time, Jenn.

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