Monday, March 2, 2015

Wandering Around With Wayne the Win

Last September, I had the opportunity to meet Celebok from YouTube, whom I like to call “Wayne the Win.” Yes, September – why I try not to make definite statements about when or if I will get something posted. Plus, I couldn’t find my notes about the meet up so I could just type it up quicker.

He said he likes surprises, so… SURPRISE! :D

Wayne and I met through an MBTI forum that I had joined about a year and some months ago. I don’t remember exactly how we first started to interact with each other, but the forum holds a weekly meme night thing, and we both seemed to create winners, hence, “Wayne the Win.” Some people started having hangouts through Google, and so we’ve also interacted that way. We became friends.

Wayne has a thing about the show Lost, which was filmed in Hawaii. He was already going to be down in Hawaii for the Lost Convention, and so we agreed to meet at some point. I also have a thing about Lost (actually, a few things), but it eventually led me to slowly lose interest. I think my schedule changed too so that I wasn’t home to watch it regularly. It’s okay, he knows.

We had lunch, Starbucks, and then just walked around the neighborhood. There’s a joke amongst our friends that Wayne and I are much alike, which I think held when we met. It was oddly so comfortable, familiar, and yet one knows there’s something off, something different, other than gender; I guess we met the S/N divide, haha! That was fun!

One of the things we had talked about before was that Wayne likes to go on road trips, often by himself. I like taking road trips, but I have reasons why I don’t, one of which is that I don’t like driving; Wayne doesn’t mind driving. Too bad we didn’t have the use of a car that day – that would have been interesting!

In my mind, I am an awkward, weird person. It was relieving to watch Wayne do very similar things that I do – not that Wayne is awkward or weird, at least not to me, but that he seems so at ease doing similar things that it’s comforting to me, I guess. I travel around by myself a lot, locally, and I like exploring at times, or I stop to take a picture of something I find interesting or that I think will make for an interesting picture. Wayne seems to do pretty much the same thing, only to me, he seems a little less self-conscious than I think I am.

A couple other things we have in common: watching Once Upon A Time and being Christians. And the Asian-ancestry thing. As well as being probable Ti- favoring subtypes of our types (MBTI/ Socionics?). I could probably add that we’re both old :P

I had a good time! I think that was only the second time I had met someone in person from online. I don’t even know what happened with that first time, maybe I scared the guy. I’m glad this time went much better.

Making Wayne laugh in person is so satisfying!

Hope we get to meet again someday (and maybe I’ll be less awkward and weird by then)!

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Courtesy of Wayne.

Waiting for Wayne the Win...

Still waiting... this cat wasn't too pleased about
the delay but I was patient.

I miss having bettas.

All these benches, waiting for Wayne.

There he is!

Don't go into the light, nooooo! Come back to us!

Uhh.... :)

One of Wayne's memes in response to one of mine.
I like Wayne, he lets me make fun of him in memes. :D

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