Friday, March 27, 2015

Healthy Go: My Achy Breaky… Body

Sometimes - many times - I have to do the dumb goofy title.

I’m still alive! It’s been more than a month since I’ve done an HG update. Our house is just recovering from illness. Dad got sick, and it tends to linger for him. I was on the verge of being sick for a few weeks. Mom got sick, and then I really came down with something in full force the next day. I am a complete baby when I am sick, but also I really could barely get out of bed for the first two days. I was an achy sweaty miserableness.

It didn’t help that the weather has been moody. Cold. Vog. Hot. Cold. Windy. Hot. Rainy. Hot. Cold. Colder. Hot. :/ 

I am so glad that I do not live alone. I ... would be a gross mess.

So I ate some junk. And I ate some health. With a whole house not feeling well, one eats what one can get. My diet didn’t change too much except for eating somewhat less, still eating fruits but also had some potato chips (one of my old friends I try not to visit anymore).

Once I was feeling well enough, I attacked the laundry and tidied up my room a little more. I’m edging ever slowly towards having a workout area in my room again for home days.

I’m very rarely not thinking about something, but also I have had some stuff on my mind lately. I’ve been like this for months now. It kind of takes the energy I might put towards focusing on HG stuff, know what I mean?

All that to say that aside from looking like death for a few days, I am aware that my HG posts have not been at all inspiring or stuff for a while now.

We celebrated a birthday recently (not mine) so I had the lobster, with a baked potato (butter on the side) and fresh veggies. I saved the second lobster tail and half of the potato for another meal.

I leave you now with food pictures from the past month or so, and a cat.

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional health anything. I am a health trekker, updating my audience with the different sights, and hopefully encouraging others on their own journeys. I am moving towards a healthier lifestyle in a slow and steady approach.

Cabbage! I love corned beef and cabbage. YUM.
2 scrambled eggs, 3 piece bacon, breakfast potatoes.
From local restaurant: fried rice and egg.
Happy Girl's Day! Treats courtesy of Brother.
FRUITS. This was the first time I cut apples myself.
Soon's Meat Jun. 
Corned beef hash and corn.
Jamba Juice Apples & Greens.
I attempted this [LINKED].
It was good.
This IS my happy face.
You still sick or what?
Mmm, birthdays are delicious.

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