Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Simplicity Bites: Stacks, Nails, Repurposing, and No Buys


I’m not sure how often I’ll have something to say or show for my simplifying efforts, so I thought I’d share a few recent things.

I can see more carpet! The cat is hiding a good portion, but I promise that there is carpet directly under her (photos intentionally made blurry). Now, some of the carpet clearing is because I stacked things higher, but I did also get rid of more junk and sort through another pile of books to be given away. The cats continue their threat to knock over any pile I make; it’s been a good motivator to continue this process so that eventually, there may be no stacks for them to knock over.

Another thing I’ve realized is that I need to have the stacks be out in the open, not hiding behind anything. Then I see them and will do something with them in time. Usually, I would push piles to the borders of my room to clear a space in the middle, but then I wouldn’t really look at the piles again, and then the piles grow outward, and there’s a mess again, and I push the new mess into new piles, and on and on. So I’ve been moving the stacks out more, still to the sides of things, but out where I can see them and will more likely get to them, and it has been working out fine so far. I just don’t have a workout space cleared yet, but I have the vision that I will get there.  


Nail Care
I think this relates, maybe. I have had one professional manicure in my life. It was a ladies’ day with a friend and that’s what she picked out for us to do. I appreciated how presentable my hands and nails looked, and how well and long the manicure lasted. Since then, I’ve been doing some maintenance with my nails and have had the polishes last longer on the nails. Hence, simplifying one’s polish routine by not having to reapply polish so often or having to fuss with each application, saving time.

So, I just wanted to share here that if one does even this little part of taking care of one’s nails, one will find that the polishes will go on smoother and last longer on one’s nails, and look much nicer too. I used to reapply polish more often or mess up more often during the process, and I find that I do so less now. I don’t have problems with my cuticles, but I tend to have ridges in my nails, and layer-splitting (or whatever it’s called), so the part I do to keep my nails nice is to use a nail buffing block.

A block has 4 sides with each side representing a step. I take about 3 minutes to do the 4 steps on both of my hands. It lasts until the nails grow out again with ridges. I wait until the new nail growth is about half way and then I use the block again between polish days, which comes out to usually once, maybe twice a month. I probably don’t do it near as well as a professional would do it, but it helps.

So, my fellow nail polish people, I hope this tip will help with your polish days. This could also help in between professional manicure days, or if you’re looking for something to help cut back on expenses, etc.

Repurposed Candle Cup
I got a new phone at the end of last year and have been looking for a desktop cradle for it, either buying one or making one. During the cleaning up, I came across an old candle. I had the idea that it would work well as a phone cradle, and it does! I cleaned out the extra wax left over (I’ll be using it in the wax warmer) and washed out the cup. I didn’t have to customize it any further (though I could).

Currently, the cup sits in front of my lipsticks. The phone fits well in it; it sits where I can easily see if the notification light is flashing, and where I am more likely to remember to take my phone with me when I need to. I also hook the Bluetooth device on the rim (I had it wherever, previously), and I sit the controller to the clock radio in it also (it hides behind the phone usually).

It’s been working well! It clears up a little more room and I’m not knocking things over as much. The miniature elephant is pleased.

No Buy January
This one’s for my makeup bank and my wallet. I had considered doing an official No Buy/ Lo-Buy for 2015, and then scrapped it. Scrapping it seems to have been a good idea, because I realized that the month was coming to an end and that I hadn’t bought any new makeup all month. In other words, I wasn’t obsessed with the thought of restriction, so it didn’t feel like something with which to struggle; instead, I just continued being more mindful of what I need, what I want, and when would be a better situation or time to get it or not.

I have a Sephora gift card from Christmas (thanks to Big Bro!), but I haven’t decided what I want to get yet – I have a few things in mind. I wouldn’t have counted that in the NB/LB thing as I had planned it anyway.

I use a spreadsheet to keep track of expenses and another for beauty stuff. Most of my money in January went towards food and things for life, like an agenda to help me keep track of dates and such.

I did pick up a spice organizer to use for my nail polishes because I needed to fill out an order and the price had gone down. I’ll be showing that in another post, hopefully soon.

Okay, when I think I don’t have much to say, it turns out to be a longer post than expected, but there it is.

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

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