Saturday, January 17, 2015

Simplifying: The Lead Up


Last year, a bunch of things came together and led me to wanting to start simplifying my life in general. The journey has already begun, yet I thought I’d let you in on what’s going on and why, so here’s the lead up to simplifying my life.

1.     The little things along the way
Like seeing a decluttering video or blog on my feed, and then searching for more. It probably started with Allison Anderson’s blog post – I’ve been subscribed to her blog and YT for years now. Others to mention are JAMBeauty89 and ItsKeerstin.

Also, small organizing projects, like my lipsticks, and more recently, my nail polishes. Then a friend commented on a post that she was doing the Project 333 and it was going well. I’d heard of Project 333 before but didn’t know anyone doing it, so I’ve started looking more into it lately. It’s interesting.

2.     Books, books everywhere!
I get crazy ideas at times. About last September, I thought I’d clean my bookshelves. This became the main push for me to declutter my life. I love my books, so it’s difficult for me to go through them and set any aside, but I’m also not taking care of them like I ought. And, I just don’t have the time to read everything that I want to read.

I still prefer to have the hard-copies, but I am releasing some of them in favor of Kindle versions. A good portion of what I have are classics that can be found on Kindle for free, helping to make it easier for me to let go of those books.

It is much easier for me to let go of clothes and donate/ pass them on, which I have been doing for years and did again last October. I’ve also given away a small box of cosmetics.

3.     Healthy Go help
I had figured out a good area of my room to keep clear for exercising at home. It worked well for some time. Then life stuff happened and the area got crowded out. I can go to the gym, I can exercise outside, but I liked having an area at home for it also, especially on days that I am short on time or I’m focused on something I’m working on at home and want to get in a quick workout. I think I lost most of my inches when I was working out at home more, so I’d like to have that space back.

At the moment, it is crowded with books to be sorted and other things as I clear and sort out other areas of my room, so this may take some time yet.

It would also help to have a space for the healthier snacks and keep stock of them.

4.    It’s time
It just seems like the time in my life to simplify things, that this is the direction in which my life is heading. I want certain things and I’m starting to become more comfortable with wanting certain things. I’m feeling more confident that I can get things done. Just as I am preparing for more mentally, physically, spiritually, I want to prepare for more in my surroundings. Time to clear out!

I think it’s going well so far. My room is more of a mess, as I move things around and sort it out. For about a week, I gathered junk together and threw out about a bag of trash each day. Supermarket-sized bags full of things that I didn’t need, I didn’t want, and couldn’t be passed on. Ahh, it was good. :)

Slowly by slowly, little pockets of cleared out space are appearing!

Wonder what it'll look like in a year!

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

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