Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Firework Photos and More [2015]


I was able to get some decent shots of fireworks this year, and made a quick trip to see the Christmas lights display of a house, so I thought I would share. I’ll probably be posting more about New Year things later, like life-direction stuff.

I like this kind.

This one too.

And this came out good.

It was actually a very clear night.

Custard pie from Liliha Bakery, courtesy of Dad. Yum!

The poke doesn’t look that fresh in the picture because it wasn’t. The year before, it looked fresher simply because I had gotten it earlier that day while this past one, I got the day before, on the 30th. Though, this one didn’t taste as good as it usually does, and I got it from the same place that I usually do. The limu wasn’t as crunchy and sea-tasting. The ahi was… okay.

My stomach has been a bit finicky lately, so I stuck with a few drops of Absolut Citron in Lemon Iced Tea for the drink.

Have I ever mentioned that I enjoy that cannon sound and smell of fireworks?

Oh, and I used the New Year celebrations as a good time to test out the camara on my new phone! It’s cool so far.

Still working on getting used to settings and zoom.

Happy New Year!

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