Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Healthy Go 2014 Review : Pauses and Restarts


Time to make an account of the past year of Healthy Go. Apparently, I didn’t get to doing one of these posts last year and had meant to, so to start off, I thought it might be good to have all the 2014 posts linked in one place (instead of just lumped together with all HG post since its beginning).

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Goals Reached:
Fits again, ahh. 
  •         Fit into blue Mossimo shorts again, around April
  •        Ate more fresh foods, throughout the year
  •        Lost about 5 ½ overall inches, around May
  •        Increase water intake, throughout the year
  •         Cut down on high-calorie drinks, throughout year
  •         Picked up an exercise mat, August (still need to get to using it well)
  •         Body changes, stomach bulging less, noticed in August

Pauses and Restarts:
First, for those who didn’t know, Healthy Go’s official start was back in June of 2012 [introduction posthere].  The most that has changed since then has been that I have lost inches (not much weight). This wasn’t about getting skinny or looking a certain way, but more about finding ways to enjoy healthier endeavors, coming to a peace about my overall health, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., and making healthy changes that I can carry on for the rest of my life. It’s about finding greater comfort in my body and sustaining that. I haven’t had the major and inspiring losses (inches) and gains (muscle). The slower process has been working fairly well for me.

Back to the past year of HG – it’s been difficult, but all worth the while. With the intention of weekly posts, but only 20 out of 52 weeks of the year, and not just from other busy-ness, one can guess that there has been some ups and downs, some pauses and restarts.

Was on crutches for a bit.
Early in the year, I was injured. I had intended to start working out with the guys at the church gym. I ended up shocking my legs, which I thought of as my workhorses of my body, like I could always depend on them to carry me through anything - walking, running, biking, hiking – anything I could ever ask of them. Yet, my balance not being very good, some previous issues with past injuries, and doing certain exercises that should be basic and doable, freaked out my leg muscles. It had nothing to do with bad form or even with overworking them. They just freaked out, and I was in pain for about a month. The weird thing is that when my muscles calmed down again, a few issues from old injuries cleared up some. The newer pain had corrected some of the old pain – there’s gotta be a lesson or something in that.

Later on, I had some issues with an alarming side pain, not related to exercise. It has eased for the most part. My doctor and I still don’t have a clear reason it happened. So I was pretty freaked out about it for some time.

Hokulani Bake Shop cupcakes, dessert!
The ups – food! I got myself off of pastries, except for the occasional ones. Still no sodas, except for the occasional taste-test sip whenever I pick one up for Dad on the way home, just making sure the carbonation and syrup formula and all that is good; most of the time, Mom is with me and she does the taste testing. I guess it might have been this year that I tried the Barbara’s Baked Cheese Puffs and liked it, so the one in white cheddar has been added to the arsenal of acceptable snacks. I’ve been experimenting with mini bella mushrooms, trying to come up with my own way of stuffing them that’s focused on feta; I haven’t quite perfected it to my taste yet. And overall, eating fresher foods than I usually do.

I’ve cut back on the high-calorie drinks – one of my great weaknesses – and started drinking water more regularly. This area could use more work, and there has been some back and forth on it, yet there were good improvements on it from the previous year.

Besides fitting into the blue shorts again, which had been a goal set at some point, it was a pleasant surprise to find that I fit into another old pair of pants again. I had been going through my clothes storage, looking for items to let go of and donate them for an event at church when I pulled out a pair of tan pants. To make up my mind on whether or not to donate it, I tried it on. I haven’t worn it out yet only because I’m still in shorts-mode weather-wise, but I am looking forward to incorporating it into my “outfits” in 2015.

Stairs and more stairs, why do I do this to myself?!
The monster of the year turned out to be a stairclimbing challenge that I gave to myself! I am crazy and will get an idea and just annoy myself; at least, sometimes, the crazy ideas work towards good. In the fall semester, I started arriving on campus early and climbing flights of stairs. Each week, I climbed more flights than the previous week. The finale was 52 flights of stairs in about an hour and a half. It did get easier towards the end, kind of, in the way of needing less rests in between and not being so out of breath… and my body eventually forgave me for it.

The grand result: 242 recorded flights of stairs, across 17 buildings, and the knowledge of what I am capable when I have it set in my mind to do.
Overall, I’d say it’s been a good Healthy Go year. Those were just the high- and lowlights, all of which ended up being ultimately beneficial and has prepared me for 2015!

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. I hope that I have encouraged you to do something towards a better state of health. One of my online friends has been encouraging me by his constant anticipation of more HG posts – I think he just wants more pictures of food :P – so to him, thank you.

I’m not done yet, so I hope that you’re not done yet either.

See you next year!

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