Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hair Am I

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(Give yourself a pat on the back if you caught the reference. Go ahead, do it!)

What was I…? Oh, hello!

I am not good at all about getting a haircut regularly. Do I do anything regularly? Well, I pray a lot. I need a lot of prayer. That sounds like I’m being flippant, but it’s true.

Back to hair… I got my haircut last… December, I think. I wrote down in my planner to get a haircut every 4 months. I kept forgetting and then putting it off.

It is now December again. I finally got my haircut again.

For my hair needs, I go to Paul Mitchell The School. It works for me because it’s affordable, I’m not that picky about my hair, and the “future professionals” as they are called are trained under a “learning leader,” which gives me some added confidence that I won’t be walking out with an uneven crazy cut (unless that was the plan). I have had a couple of great cuts from the FPs that have been there.

This past Wednesday, I did a walk-in; I usually call ahead to schedule. Chelsea was my FP that day (with Landon as her LL). She sounded professional and was reassuring. I personally don’t care to be talkative with a hairstylist, yet Chelsea was friendly without being too talkative for my comfort, and she was enthusiastic about what she does, which I like to see.

Chelsea did a great job! Even though I am not picky about my hair, at the end I still know whether or not I like the cut. She gave my hair rounded layers – that’s what I am sure of, and I think the rest is soft layers to the fringe. She kept the length, which is my one request, and then the layers took out the heaviness from the bottom.

Chelsea said that it would be easy whether I style or not, and so far, that has been true, which is amazing to me! I do not know how to do my hair past being barely acceptable, and my hair has been easy to tame with this cut. Most of the time, I have my hair up but I’ve had it down the past few days.

Chelsea took before and after pics; they’re up on Instagram (pmtshonolulu @miss_kyuutee or click here for her IG). I don’t have Instagram at the moment - I found the pics here:
[After picture]
(Sorry Chelsea, I do not know how to nice face for pictures :/ )

I know right, that before picture. So. Much. Hair. This year was the year of lazy, which, in hair, translates to wash and go, up in a crazy bun, almost all the time. 

Anyway, this was a good experience all around – thank you for the great service, Chelsea! I recommend asking for her; I think she said she’ll be there for at least another 11 months for the program.

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P.S. Here are a few pictures of my own:
A day when the crazy bun was especially
crazy! Haha, no wonder people were looking
at me weird.