Saturday, November 1, 2014

Healthy Go: What's My Number?

Building B, from top.

I missed a week of stairs.

This week, I did either 28 or 29 flights, which is either +6 or +7 from the previous stair session. It might have been 30 (+8). I didn’t pic-note take like I usually would, and I explored off the normal route quite a bit. Two buildings were connected, so I had gone up one building, crossed over, and went up again, so that is one of the confusions. I did a similar thing in one of the other buildings. Two of the buildings, I had never been to before. I was keeping count in my head, which had come out to 28 or 29; when I was writing it down, it came out to 31 but I had found one mistake with certainty. I did hit 8 different buildings, that much I do know.

Building A: 3+5+4+1
Building G, outside.
Building B: 2+1
Building C: 2
Building D: 2+1?
Building E: 2
Building F: 2?
Building G: 1
Building H: 4

The stair tour, plus walking around, took an hour. Some of the walking was leisurely, but not a lot of stopping rests; the walks in between were the rests. For the next few days, I could feel each step in my calves. I felt it a little in my thighs, but not so much.

I’ve been sleeping fairly okay. Still at odd hours, but okay. More times than before, I have been able to sleep through for a few hours in one clip. I sometimes woke up refreshed.

House of Dragon: rice, shrimp walnut, sweet pork fuyong,
porkash w/ duck egg, oyster sauce chicken w/ cake noodle.
Not pictured: crispy gaugee.
We had lunch twice in one week with two differents aunties. For Aunty C, it’s to Chinese we go. She has a place that she likes to go, which is pretty good. I had a little of everything: watercress soup, pork hash with duck egg, shrimp walnut, sweet pork fuyong, crispy gaugee, oyster sauce chicken with cake noodle, and rice. Shrimp walnut is probably my favorite out of this grouping, along with cake noodle; I had a few extra pieces to finish off the dishes - hey, when Aunty tells me to finish off the dish, I finish off the dish. Actually, I was surprised that the 5 of us finished it all - no leftovers though 2 of us are not heavy eaters.

Then lunch with Aunty L. We went for saimin. I had the #15: saimin with 2 piece shrimp tempura. Afterwards, we went for a walk.

Other foods of the past two weeks: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer Portabella Spinach Parmesan, Snapea Crisps, Barbara’s White Cheddar Baked Puffs, Annie’s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese Cup, Jamba Juice Apples & Greens, chicken flatbread, roasted chicken Subway (avocado, provolone, lettuce, olives, bell pepper, onions, spinach, pepper), Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cup, Halls Cough Drops, Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonades, Tanioka’s corned beef hash patty & salmon patty (leftovers), iced tea lemonade, 6 cups of water nearly every day, and anything else I forgot.

+My Fitness Pal(s)
Besides not exercising nearly enough, I haven’t been getting enough calories on most of the days of the past two weeks. I exceed my sugars, by no more than double, which is still too much. I have been good on the fats, but not so good on protein (as in, not enough). I ought to get back to cooking for myself and the salmons.

What’s My Number?
Between Building E & F, view out.
I am not one to try to inflate my numbers to impress or look good. Well, not usually. Messing up the remembering of how many flights of stairs actually bothers me a bit. Record-keeping can be serious business. In this case, next stair tour, I won’t really be certain of how many more I’ve done than this past week.

I know, I’m saying that and then I also say that I am too lazy to track down all the numbers for foods I eat which are not in the MyFitnessPal database. At this time, that would take a lot of time, and it seems overwhelming for me to do all of it.

So, keeping accurate account of how many flights of stairs I did should be easy and quick, and it keeps me wanting to better the time before. Keeping accurate account of what I eat that’s not readily available at the moment would take a lot of time and would distract me from actually eating better and moving more.

If there is a lesson that has been constant in my life, it would be to learn to pick my battles. It's not really about the numbers.

For HG, I am willing to do or not do whatever keeps me going.

That is all.

Still not enough movement. Too much sugar, not enough water.

Oh, hello, and...

What's your number?

More pictures below.

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Extra: after posting the last time, the one with all the food, I realized that it looked like I had eaten that all in one day! No. Keep in mind that when I post, it is typically covering a week, sometimes more but so far, not less. I wish I could eat all that in one day… maybe not.

Healthy Choice Portabella Spinach Parmesan.
Annie's White Cheddar Mac & Cheese.
House of Dragon: watercress soup.
Building C stairs.
Building D, view towards courtyard.
Building D, rooftop. I don't think I'm supposed to be here.
Building D. I don't think I'm supposed to go in there either.
Building F, interior view from top.
Building F, interior. If anyone can find this spot, I'll be your friend forever, maybe.
Building G, interior.
View along walk.
Shiro's menu: "We'd rather cook than fight."
Shiro's #15 shrimp tempura side (saimin not pictured).

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