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Healthy Go: Pain In The Butt

Building D stairs
36 flights of stairs, which is +6 from last week. 10 +1 different buildings. I went across campus, and then up campus, exploring different buildings, several of which were not as promising or it was difficult finding the stairs, so I just kept going to the next building and the next, etc. I went from one corner of the main campus, to the other, and then up campus, so I covered quite a large area just from walking.

Building A: 2
Building B: 3
Building C: 3
Building D: 3 +1 +1
Building E: 1
Building F: 2
Building G: 1
Building H: 1
Public: 1
Building I +J: 1 +6
Building K: 4 +6

Regarding the +s, they may be for several reasons. For instance, Building D is 3 flights, +1 because the first floor is a double height so technically counts as 2, and +1 because I went up the stairwell which had an extra flight to the roof access (though I don’t/ can’t actually access the roof). Building I and J are technically the same building, but in two parts: a 2-story complex with a tower at one place. I did one regular trip of 4 flights in building K and then added 6 flights during the class break. I think this is how I will do the breakdowns from now on, when I need this to help me keep track of how much I did.

The stair tour, plus walking around, took an hour and a half. I had gotten to campus a little earlier than usual. At the top of the fourth building, I took a fifteen-minute break to eat (note to self: bring more hand wipes or something). Otherwise, I squeezed in all the walking and stair-climbing I could. To do more stairs next time, I will have to either come in earlier or stick to just a few buildings. I think I might stick to just a few buildings, although the walks and different buildings helps to keep the climbs from feeling like drudgery.

(I’m thinking of doing a separate post about the different buildings and their stairs, views, etc. The HG posts are getting long as it is and I’ve got many more pictures I’d like to share.)

Otherwise, I did some walking during the week, but not close to enough. I have the exercise mat, so I’m trying to figure out what else is blocking me from working out in the garage, or working out more in general, to get to where I just do it. I’ve been meaning to figure out a way to get in some upper body exercise during the stair tours as well.

Miso Parmesan Panko Salmon
The good: salmon! For a miso salmon, I usually bake it but I wanted to try something. I made a mixture of miso, crushed garlic, grated parmesan, with a little water, and layered with some panko. I fried it in olive oil, along with onions. It was okay, perhaps it needed a little salt and pepper for flavoring? I’ll likely try it again another time.

I like iced tea, which is mainly where I go over in sugars. This week, I did better in cutting down on the iced tea and having more water instead. The weather has been a bit crazy lately, so not always great for drinking hot tea, but I did have hot tea a few times this week which helped me to cut down on the iced tea. I rarely add anything to the hot tea.

Mom and I went grocery shopping this week. I hadn’t been for more than a month, which is bad as it also contributes to eating out when I don’t have healthy choices at the ready at home. We picked up: bananas, greek yogurt, asparagus, mini portabella mushrooms, spinach, Barbara’s baked white cheddar puffs, strawberries, potatoes, and mozzarella.

The not-so-good: I had a Whopper. I had Korean food. I had sushi: a salmon skin temaki, garlic salmon nigiri, and spicy ahi donburi, counting for 2 meals and a snack. Jamba twice, with an Apples & Greens, and then later with a Chocolate Moo’d; these were also mostly water days.

I had a supposedly-grass-fed-beef grilled burger on campus because I wanted to try something different; the taste was okay, the size was decent, and it had onions, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, I don’t think it had sauce, so overall a better choice than a Whopper or McD burger, but not exactly healthy-healthy either. Definitely not nearly the worst choice at the court, but I do need to get more familiar with the choices all around the campus.

Pain In The Butt
Building B stairs
I have resolved the issue with the uncertain flights of stairs from last week. I revisited a few of the spots, went through one of the building sequences, and the numbers written out last week were correct, totalling 30 flights of stairs.

Also last week, my entire lower body may have been feeling the burn during the stair climbs, but my calves took the major heat the rest of the week.

This week, my butt is taking the major heat. The ache is not as apparent as what it had been for my calves, but it is there. As I move around or sit, my butt feels like it must be rock hard, though in reality, it is still flat and squishy (please don’t touch me).

I am grateful that it hasn’t fallen off, so there’s that.

On top of that, one of my cats… ugh. When I get home on stair-day, I am physically and mentally exhausted. Also, this week, driving home, what seemed like unusually bad traffic, which drains me mentally as I try to strategize my way hopefully quicker, attempt to move around in the traffic or have to rethink the strategy, or be aware of everything around me as people get a bit aggressive as they strategize their way around. Driving, in general, is stressful for me. If I wasn’t already mentally and physically tired, the traffic wouldn’t have been so bad, and I would’ve just been bummed that I was missing part of a TV show that I usually watch.

So, exhausted, get home, find a mess that my cat had made. I could not take much more; after cleaning it up, I broke out in tears. Which meant I missed even more of the show (which I sometimes to use as a wind-down from having been out), because I usually watch it with my parents but I don’t cry in front of people.

Sigh. Such is life as a pet servant (owned by cats).

Every so often, regarding the cats, Mom will tell me it’s training for when I become a parent. It may be true, somewhat, but she says it like parenthood’s a guarantee for me. I’ll deal with parenthood if it ever finds me. Or what if I hadn’t had pets?

So yeah, that happened. Pain in the butt (stairs) + pain in the butt (cat mess) = feed me, entertain me, tuck me in ‘cuz I am done.

Still not enough movement. Better on the water/ less sugared drinks.

Oh, hello, and...

Do you have a pain in your butt?

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional health anything. I am a health trekker, updating my audience with the different sights, and hopefully encouraging others on their own journeys.

Cuppa Trader Joe's Jasmine Green Tea

Soon's: Meat Jun with rice

Building C, passageway

Building C, view from top

Building D, view from bottom

Campus: Classic Burger with Cheese

The view during meal break

Building F to G, transition

Building H, interior

Buildings I & J

Building I, stairs

Building I, view to courtyard

Building J, top of stairs note

View during evening walk

Ninja Sushi: Garlic Salmon, Salmon Skin Temaki

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