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Beauty Bank Inventory - Makeup, Nails, Fragrance [2014]

The main portion of my beauty bank.

When I started to share pictures of my makeup looks, a friend had commented that I must have a lot of makeup. I probably have more than a person needs, but I enjoy being able to get creative and choose from a variety of products on any given day.

The beauty collection that I admire - and it really is a “collection” - is that of Tarababyz (see her collection here). I could have a lot of fun creating different looks with it, or simply admiring the many details of the items. I would not take nearly as good a care of the things as Tara does, so I shall just live vicariously through her videos!

For an idea of the amount that I have, and as a way to help me keep control of the size of my Beauty Bank, I thought I’d share the numbers for makeup, nail, and fragrance items.

I’ve included the numbers of what I would say is currently my ideal amount along with the actual amounts. I tried to keep the categories as simple as possible, meaning that sample/ trial sizes were included but not distinguished and that some of the categories were quite broad. “Lip color” includes all lipsticks, stains, glosses, and the like.

Category (Ideal) - Actual

Lip color (30) - 43
Lip balm (3) - 5
Lip liner (3) - 2

Foundation (3) - 7
Powder (3) - 3
Concealer (3) - 3
Face primer (1) - 1
Blush (5) - 5
Highlighter (1) - 1
Bronzer (1) - 2
Face palette (2) - 2

Eyeshadow single (27) - 44
Eyeshadow multiple (7) - 10
Eyeshadow palette (3) - 2
Eye liner (9) - 13
Eye primer (1) - 1
Mascara (2) - 4
Brow product (1) - 2

Nail color (21) - 27
Nail coat (3) - 3

Fragrance (11) - 24

I think this is a decently-sized beauty bank matching my mild interest in beauty products. Except for a few categories I’d like to either trim or add to, I am satisfied with the amount that I have overall.

Lip and eye products, from left, clockwise: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Unapologetic, Rimmel by Kate Moss #05Maybelline Color Whisper Pin Up Peach, Urban Decay Revolution FiendMAC Charmed, I’m Sure, Wet-n-Wild Silent TreatmentL’Oreal Infallible Bronzed Taupe, Makeup Geek MoondustMakeup Geek Mermaid, MAC Bamboo, MAC Ricepaper
No surprise - the areas I could slim down a bit are in the lip and eye colors. I see an appealing lip or eye color and I have to remind myself that I have enough, make good use of what I have. Lately, I have gotten to better know which colors, textures, etc., that I enjoy more than others, in both categories, so I have been able to curb the purchasing of more a bit… for now.

Fragrances, from bottom left corner, clockwise: 
Gucci Guilty sample, Marc Jacobs Honey rollerball, 
Givenchy Very Irresistible sample, Calgon Morning Glory body mist, 
Coach Love sample, Vera Wang Pink Princess
Marc Jacobs Daisy sample, Lancome La Vie Est Belle sample
The fragrance number includes sample, travel, rollerball, and full sizes. Most of them are samples, because whenever I make a purchase from stores that give free samples, I tend to choose fragrance samples over makeup or skincare ones. It’s a great way to test out a fragrance without having to buy a full-size, which can be pricey. It’s also easy to pass on a sample to others for them to try while not having to worry so much about sanitary conditions. Of the 24, 5 of them are full-sized scents. I have started going through the samples, to see what I like and what I can let go so that number will go down very soon.

Blushes, from left, clockwise: 
Tarte Amazonian Clay Exposed
NARS Deep Throat, MAC Immortal Flower
For most of the other categories, there could be a variety of reasons why I have very few items. I wasn’t always into the beauty thing; it’s a fairly recent interest of mine, and so I still don’t know much about it. I know very little about highlighting and I’m not that interested in it, so the one highlighter I have was from a free birthday store offer. Only in the last two years did I start picking up a few blushes and giving it a real try; I purposely stayed away from blush for years.

So, there are the numbers that work for me at the moment and some of the reasons as to why that is. In order to keep the Bank from… charging too much interest, I will be going on a low-buy for 2015; I haven’t settled on the details for it yet. I live on a low-buy, basically, but I could use some solid guidelines for things like lip products!

What is your Beauty Bank like?

  • I thought it would be weird to call what I have a “collection.” I’m not a beauty reviewer or collector really, so I like calling it a “bank.”  
  • I did not distinguish the samples from the full-sized products, as a sample is still one product to be used up; I did not distinguish well-used full-sized products from newer full-sized products.

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment and/or question(s) in the section below :)

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