Thursday, October 9, 2014

Three Horses Down - Me Day 2014

Another birthday celebration of me has come and gone once again. See you all next year!

Just kidding. I’ll write a little more about this.

Pretty quiet to-do birthday this year. One main celebration, dinner with the family. Dad, Mom, Bro, Bro’s girlfriend, and me.

I had the clam chowder for starters, then I enjoyed the Mushroom & Bleu Filet Mignon. I also had a raspberry lemon drop martini. Girlfriend gets automatic points with Mom, as she encourages us to order dessert to share. I had 3 spoons-worth of the butter cake topped with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. It was good!

A type aside: when the dessert came, Mom went straight to dividing it up. She took her portion, got a look from Bro and Dad, then offered the first portion to me, realizing we were there for MY birthday! It was fine, I took second portion, but it seemed like a funny classic ESFP moment from my mom - dessert first, daughter later. And… dinner had other moments of hilarity because Girlfriend may be more like Mom than Bro expected, but it’s still early (at least for me) to tell - it’s just exciting to have something with which to make fun of my bro!

Some lovely gifts from the Bro and Bro’s GF - a few goodies to eat (yes, I did share with the parents) and a few more from Sephora! From the brand Philosophy - cleansing things - a brand of which I don’t think I have tried anything before, so I’m excited for that!

In my own mini-celebrations of self, I had my free birthday drink from Starbucks, a Salted Caramel Frappuccino Light - mmm! I redeemed the Sephora birthday gift offer, this year by Makeup Forever. The lipstick and mascara minis are my first MUFE products, so that will be interesting to try. One can pick up the birthday gift in the store without purchasing anything else, as a Beauty Insider program member, but this time I also picked up a new perfume, sort of - I may write about that another time.

I have also ordered my first Vera Bradley bag. VB gives a good birthday discount. I usually get something small, like a notebook, or last year, I used the discount on Mom for something that she picked out. I saw a style that I liked, in a pattern that I really liked, so I made the order. It’ll be arriving later this month.

And then, birthday wishes on the socials’ medias! I know, I’m weird about it - I don’t always let it be posted and such, or sometimes I only let it be posted on the day of, in my timezone, etc. However, birthday greetings and private messages are always welcomed :) so thank you to all of you!

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