Friday, October 17, 2014

Healthy Go: So Much Food

Twenty-two flights of stairs, that is +five from the week before. Also, I did them with hardly a break between, especially the first 15 of them. Heavy breathing, but no gasping (oh, stop it!).

Let me pause a moment just long enough to wonder: when did I make this into a challenge for myself? And how far does it go?

Note: E600
So, I took a stair tour of a campus building, starting with Tower A (3 flights), onto Tower G (2 flights),  Tower E (5 flights), and then Tower D (4 flights). If you’re paying attention, that tour seems to spell out AGED - I did not do that on purpose. I went up a flight of courtyard stairs that connects to the campus road. I did three flights and then four flights at two other buildings. All of that took about 30 minutes, including some walking in between.

To help keep track of how many flights I’ve climbed, I often take note-pictures if able, like this one which tells me it was Tower E of a certain building, 6th floor (5 flights).

Also this week, I have been room cleaning, including a turning of the mattress - that’s considered light exercise, right? 

Still iffy on the sleeping. I am usually a heavy-sleeper, sometimes a light-sleeper. Lately, it has been more light than heavy. Odd things, noises in the night have been interrupting my sleep and I wake up groggy. Even last night, I didn’t use a sleep aid and went to bed earlier than I have been. Twice in the night, I was woken up by I don’t know what making noise outside my window. Dad woke me up early to go somewhere, but I have already taken a short nap, tempted to take another… I’m going to try my best to stay awake and hopefully sleep early tonight. No crying this week though, none that I remember anyway. Wish me sleep!

The Greek Corner: Beef & Lamb Gyro Sandwich with Fries.
I have wanted to stop by for Greek food for at least a month; I finally did this week. And, it was a good time to go because parking was free that day! I knew it was Columbus Day, but I didn’t know it affected building parking, and I wasn’t the only one a little confused.

Mmmm, Greek food!

My usual: Beef & Lamb Gyro Sandwich. I had fries with it this time, but I usually don’t.

I also had an Apples & Greens smoothie from Jamba Juice. This is the one I get when I want to be “good-er” than I usually am with Jamba choices. I really like this one. It is still more than my daily sugar allowance, so I will have to still be mindful of having one. I didn’t worry about it too much since I was still under the daily calories.

Also, Won Ton Min. Because, Chinese. Chinese food. And a mini hamburger steak. Hey, if someone’s offering to buy me food, I’m eatin’ it.

+My Fitness Pal
I went back to using MyFitnessPal this week. I know I haven’t been great with my diet, so I wanted to check back in with the breakdowns, like calories, sugars, etc. I’m not using it to be strict with counting calories and such but just as guideline for what I am eating nutritional-wise and help me get back on (a better) track.

Besides, I’m kind of disinterested in tracking down the exact food and information when I have something that is not already in the MFP database. The exact gyro sandwich that I get from The Greek Corner isn’t in the database, so I used an approximately similar food from the database. The last few days that I’ve logged in the food, I haven’t been consuming enough calories or proteins. Today’s numbers will be over, I think, and I’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Starbucks: Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade.
I’ve been going over the sugar limit, which is not difficult to do when I drink a lot of calories. So, I have been working on reducing my iced tea drinking. It’s a struggle. I enjoy my iced tea. And, Starbucks has this Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade - so good - I knew I shouldn’t have tried it. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem because I don’t go to Starbucks often at all usually. Otherwise, I’m starting to do better on cutting back the iced tea and taking in more water instead.

So Much Food
If Greek food wasn’t enough, how about… Tanioka’s?! Today’s order: one pc. fried chicken, one pc. shrimp tempura, one pc. corned beef hash patty, and two pcs. salmon patty. This lasts me all day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dad goes to Tanioka’s for me (sometimes I go along) about once a month. These are among my favorite foods. I’ll definitely be hitting the minimum in protein today!

Tanioka's: Fried Chicken, Hash Patty, Shrimp Tempura,
Salmon Patties.
Hm… I might save a salmon patty for tomorrow… mmm….


So much (delicious) food, not enough movement. Sigh.

Oh, hello, and...

Get moving!

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Going up?
Top of Tower C/D, view out.
Top floor of a building, view down.
Phew - these ladies are tired!
Jamba Juice: Apples & Greens.
?: Mini Hamburger Steak.
Waimalu Chop Suey: Wor Won Ton Min.
Evening walk view.