Friday, October 3, 2014

Healthy Go: Aim High, Make the Climb

At top of first stairwell

Here are some things I wrote down!

Last week, before class, I did 10 flights of stairs. I know, more about stairs? It is getting easier, so adding a few flights each time keeps it a challenge for me. I also did 2 sessions of a 15-minute walk.

This past week, I did 14 flights of stairs total, the 2x 15-minute walks, and a little extra walking around. So, it started with a 15-min walk to a 4-storey building. I went up one stairwell, walked through the building, and went down another stairwell. Then I walked over to the adjacent building (they connect at the middle stairwell, the one I had taken down), and went up a third stairwell. I went through the building again to go down the first stairwell. I took a little breather break at the tops.

At top of third stairwell
I walked over to the building where class is held and had a small snack break, then headed for those stairs, completing two rounds there. During the mid-class break, I had an inkling to do 2 more flights, then quickly thought “Nah!” I mean, from a +4 flights already that day, I could say I did a good job. Plus, I still had the second 15-minute walk to do after class.

At top of third building stairwell

And, just yesterday, I punched my back with something. I was cleaning something on the floor, forgot that I was near a chest, so when I went to stand up again, the very sharp chest corner reminded me of its presence. It’s not that bad; I suspect there will be a bruise and a little ache for a few days.


Um. Not much change has occurred from the last report.

I have been snacking on some macadamia nuts in place of almonds for now. Good news (to me): Snapea Crisps are back in town and at a good price in one of the stores!

Corned beef and cabbage, yummm!

I have not been sleeping well most nights. It’s been a few different factors. I think the main thing has been the… “night thoughts,” I’ll say. I’ve had some cries, and no, they were not related to the month, so don’t even- .

Overall, the monthly measurement check in showed not much change, though what slight changes there were, they were in the negative, so, good.

Aim High, Make the Climb

The stairs at the 2-buildings-connected site has its advantages to other campus stairs I’ve taken so far, in my opinion. They are open-aired with some lattice-pattern openings, and with its location probably, there is a light movement in the air, making it not so hot or have a sense of drudgery. I like that I can walk over and take another stairwell, so with the choice of 3 stairwells easily connected, I like it. And, it has several places, indoor and outdoor, to take a rest between or after stairs.

I think I should start a rating system for building stairs.

While somewhat elegantly articulated, the stairs in the class building is decent. 4 flights of stairs is good. That it is broken up into essentially 3 sections helps keep going up and down from becoming boring, that is good. The downside is that it is hot. The two open sides are semi-enclosed by glass walls, with one side facing west, so that side is hot when I am taking these stairs. Sometimes, there can be good air movement in the stairwell, but when there isn’t any, it is a little miserable. The top tends to have less air movement, so it’s a little like climbing a mountain only to hangout in a sauna. I mean, it’s not that bad, but I am looking for a vista and fresh air at the top of a climb.

I wish I was at the top of a mountain instead. Top of a mountain, with shade overhead, a sweet view, a cool breeze, and a body of water to jump down into. And… no, that’s all I got for now.

The main point is that I choose to take the stairs when possible and safely.

I hope that you’re moving and moving well - make the climb!

[More pictures below]

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From top of second stairwell

From top of third stairwell, view out
From first stairwell, view out

Along a walk, misted mountains

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