Friday, September 19, 2014

Healthy Go: Ups and Downs

Stair day 1.
Stair day 2.

Ah, so it’s been a while. How’ve you been doing?

I’ve been okay. Still tickin’.

I am taking one course this semester. It is in a five-storey building. I plan to get to campus early enough to take the stairs, and do extra stairs if I’m really early. Campus is the best place that I know of to do a lot of stairs; there aren’t much stairs in my neighborhood and I don’t particularly like stair machines.

Anyway, stairs. I did 8 flights, up and down, the first time, 9 flights this past week. I was out of stepping shape, but not too badly. I also had at least 2- 15 minute moderate walk both days.

Speaking of walking, an out-of-town friend is visiting, and so we met up the other day. We walked for at least an hour, maybe closer to two hours.

You know what’s lame? I am. I haven’t used the exercise mat yet. *facepalm*

I need to get my diet back on track as well. I haven’t been terrible about it, but I also haven’t been cooking lately, which can only mean that I haven’t been eating as healthy as before.

My sleeping has been crazy. I’ve been trying.

Not too great. Not too terrible.

Get this show back on the road, Jenn!

May this day find you healthy and well on your way!

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