Friday, August 8, 2014

Healthy Go: A Look In The Mirror

One day-
At least 3 sets each of: skaters; leg lifts x12; plank knee-to-elbow x8 count; bicep curl into shoulder press x8, 10# each. I think I did at least 4 sets of each, but I didn’t keep count after 3. I did the 3 or 4 sets at one time.

Besides doing a workout, I am making it more of a habit to do things in between… life. When I get up from the computer, I will do something that warms me up and gets my heart rate up, and then do weights or pushups, something. I’ve been doing this during the commercials, watching “American Ninja Warrior.”

I’m starting to push towards my limits more, to see how strong I am, safely; it’s why I do the extra sets at times, why I did the extra sets the past week. I confess: lately, I wasn’t working out hard, or at least, I could’ve done more. It’s not good to work out until pass out, but I was definitely doing less in the exercises than I could have. I used to really work out, when I would work out, and feel great the next day. Where one knows they did something, made the most of the workout. So that’s what I want to get back to. I don’t like me timid. I need to roar! Well. Eh.

The day after doing the workout mentioned above, it felt good. My muscles weren’t overworked and pained, but I could feel that I had done my body justice with the workout. I felt stronger, more capable. I want to continue having that feeling, so that I couldn’t possibly forget it.

Not much else this week. Earlier in the week, for a few days, I was dealing with intermittent nausea. A couple nights, my leg was a bugger, so I wasn’t sure about doing too much standing stuff. I am almost certain now that environmental changes affect me. Vog days give me a crazy headache and nausea. We’re experiencing some storm weather, and I have a headache, plus some lame leg ache. I don’t know if I can attribute the recent nausea with the storm weather. I’m probably going to be one of those elder folks who can predict the weather by the ache in their knees, exciting!

It’s definitely not been a mostly healthy eating week, by content (I maintained proportions). A birthday happened (not mine) and so we had some steak and shrimp with rice one day, and then spicy ahi donburi with garlic salmon nigiri another day. And a frozen ice cream (?) from BK. And a milkshake.

Also eaten: almonds, garlic salmon (non-sushi), cheese puffs, veggie stix, Jamba Juice, iced tea, much water, artichoke, Fage Greek yogurt with honey, feta mushrooms.

The Veggie Stix was okay; I prefer the Veggie Chips. The Smart Puffs Baked Cheese Puffs were good; I liked them better than the regular Barbara’s Cheese Puffs, of which I prefer the White Cheddar Baked Cheese Puffs. I like cheese puffs.

A Look In The Mirror
Sometimes, I stop in front of the full-length mirror and have a good look. I usually do this as I’m changing clothes. I don’t know why I started or why I do it so often, as if I’m going to catch my body changing.

I tend to look at my stomach. Was it a year ago, 2 years ago? I noticed that my belly was starting to fold over. My clothes cut into my hips. I just wasn’t comfortable in that body.

The good part of these minor mirror checks has been that they do remind me that my body has changed. My belly still sticks out, but it no longer folds over. My clothes still cut into my hips, but not as much. It reminds me that I am doing better than I was back then. It reminds me that the change that I seek is happening as I continue on this journey.

Hang on to this journey, Jenn, just keep going.

I’m going slower than others. I’m going at my own pace.  I’ve stalled entirely at times. As long as I keep going.

No quit.

I hope that you’re still going too! No quit!

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