Friday, August 1, 2014

Healthy Go: Getting Equipped

Nike Fundamental Mat 3mm

One day:
Jump rope, ~5 minutes total; pushups, 2 sets of 8; leg lifts, 2 x12; bicep curls, 10# wts., 2 x8; shoulder shrugs, 10#, 2 x8; side lateral raises, 10#, 2 x8; twisting plank, 2 x8 each side, alternating.

For the side lateral raises, I did them cautiously. Mom is borrowing my 3# pair, which would be rather easy for me anyway. I have no idea where the 5# pair is - probably somewhere outside and lost for good. So, I did the raises with the 10# as high as I could, and slowly, without going over my abilities. Surprisingly, I was not overly sore the next day. Another example that I am probably stronger than I think I am, just gotta keep working on those raises.

During the week, I walked the dog twice. Every so often, I have been working on my squat form, in front of the mirror. I think I did other exercises also, but I guess I didn’t write them down or I don’t know where I wrote them down.  


The local store had some healthier snacks on sale, ones that I wanted/ to try. I picked up a bag of Veggie Chips, Veggie Stix, and Smart Puffs Baked Cheese Puffs. I really like cheese puffs, if you haven’t noticed.

Potato chips are a part of my weakness, so it was good to have a healthier alternative on hand. The Veggie Chips are lighter, less salty, and just as crunchy and tasty as potato chips. Though these chips are tasty, it is easy to put the bag down after a few chips, but I also don’t feel guilty if I eat a little more than I had intended. I first had these at my friend’s house; I had so many of the chips that they gave me a bag of it for my birthday!

I’ll report on the other snacks later, after I’ve had them. Sometimes, I make sense.

Other grinds of the week: salmon, feta bella mushrooms, almonds, jasmine green tea, spaghetti, baked white cheddar cheese puffs, orange chicken, mushroom chicken, chow mein, angus steak slices, fortune cookie, ramen with egg, bananas, Belgian dark chocolate, cough drops, lemon iced tea, and much water.

Measurement Report

It’s the first Friday of August - ahhhhhhhkk!

I took my measurements today. Not much change from the previous month, or the month before, or, actually, from the beginning of the year. Sigh. I mean, my chest and waist have gone down a couple inches since the start of the year, and now I’m pretty much just maintaining. At least I’m not gaining, but I’m far from my next goal… ehmm… whatever it had been. I don’t even remember, that’s how bad I am at the moment.

So… new goals…?

More water, less liquid calories, move more, more muscle.

A more measurable goal: to fit in an old pair of jeans.

I have a pair of lightweight jeans that sits at the hip. I can’t remember the last time I was able to fit into it. It is going to take a more concentrated effort to fit into them again than some of my previous clothes goals. A little more than a year ago, I was on an inch-losing trend, so clearly I have the tools to do more of it. I’ve been distracted, down, tired, etc.

It’s always a good time to get to task.

Getting Equipped

I’ve done it - I have purchased a workout mat.

Mom was looking for a mat for herself; she has an exercise group once a week. I took her to TJMaxx. While she was picking one out for herself, I decided to go ahead and get one for myself. I chose the Nike Fundamental Mat 3mm, at a third of the original price. It is a dual-textured foam (aquamarine/ forest green), with added traction, and comes with a carry string. It’s very lightweight. I haven’t used it yet, but I am excited to try it out.

I’ll be using this in the garage, so it is going to get dirty and fast! One can see my dirty footprint has already made an impression (yes, I often walk around barefoot, and then I step on something pokey).


I hope that you are well!

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to leave a comment in the section below :)

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