Friday, July 25, 2014

Healthy Go: Sweet Sweat?

I haven’t been taking too many pics lately, so here’s one of fruit! Kiwi fruit were on sale again, so I picked some up. I still enjoy the blackberries.

Also on the menu: almonds, cherries, raspberries, bananas, steak soup, pepper steak, a glass of moscato, white cheddar baked cheese puffs, Fage Greek yogurt (I like the honey or the strawberry one), Snapea Crisps, salmon, and baked potato. Other fare may include a Jamba Juice creation, spicy ahi donburi, or salmon skin roll, but not very often. I tried the Jamba Apples & Greens drink and I liked it; it’s healthier than what I usually order there.

I’ve been experimenting with mini bella mushrooms, so there may be a post on that soon.

I am drinking more water. I’ve gotten used to drinking filtered tap water without having to cool it in the fridge first. It has been a hot, muggy week, so I have been chilling the water lately to help keep me cool. Otherwise, more water, more often, it is!

Since it’s been so hot, it was actually more motivating to get moving! I realize, that sounds ridiculous, but look who’s saying it. If I was going to sweat no matter what, I thought I might as well do something to earn it. Always earn the sweat! …?

The past Tuesday, I did the usual push ups, planks, added in some squats, and tested myself with pike crunches. Previously, I would avoid the pike crunches and just do regular crunches, thinking that I would do the pikes horribly. I surprised myself, I did them fairly well. Now, I didn’t do a lot of them, 3 sets of 8 reps, but I didn’t think I could do that many. I didn’t think I’d be able to get my back off the floor at all but it wasn’t much trouble at all, and still kept safely done.

Try, try, try. One might surprise oneself.

On a previous and unreported Tuesday, I had tackled this:
cyclonefit with Sara

Plank up-down pushup
Toe taps

Side-arm balance
Russian twist

Crab toe touches
Plank toe touches

Slo-mo pushups
Side tri press

It’s been some time since my last workout, so I. Did. Poorly!

For the plank up-down/ pushup, I started on my toes but had to switch to my knees and I did much better. I had to put my knee down for the side-arm balance. I could do the crab toe touches, but not very gracefully! I cannot do the plank toe touches at all, so I worked on a straight plank on toes. Slo-mo pushups were done on knees. I cannot do the side tri press at all, but tried so that I can get stronger at it eventually.

A space in the garage has opened up, so I think I shall take advantage of it and go a jumping rope! I have been looking at exercise mats for me to use in the garage, but I haven’t settled on one yet. Soon, soon….

I hope that you’re having a great, moving summer!

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