Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooing Over Aju

I am always surprised by friendships - sometimes positively and other times negatively - and so I have difficulty defining a relationship as a friendship. I generally don’t know where I stand in people’s minds.

One of the wonderful surprises of my life so far has been Rachel. When I first met her, I thought I was awkward as I could be, sounding like a Facebook stalker as I made a comment about her profile picture; she probably doesn’t remember it. As we started seeing more of each other through church and a Bible study group, I couldn’t have guessed that the girl who kept dancing with me (I don’t dance) would become one of my good friends*, and I don’t say that about just anyone.

Earlier this year, Rachel had her first child, a darling girl, Aju*. Apparently, Rachel is including me in with those whom she would like Aju to know well as she grows up, and I am honored to be included. I had visited when Aju was a month old. Recently, Rachel reminded me that I am due to visit again.

I went over a few days ago. Aju can hold her head up well. She fussed a little at first; Rachel says that she’s starting to get used to certain people. The fuss passed soon, and Aju began smiling and laughing with me. I was there to see her trick: rolling over from her tummy onto her back. Next up: sitting and walking… and then the WORLD!


I have missed out on being more a part of the lives of the children of other good friends, for various reasons. I don’t know why things are lining up for me to get to know Aju, and I don’t know why, I am excited. I usually sit back at a distance, letting the other women ooh and coo over babies. I find myself cooing over Aju, wanting to hold her too. I look forward to being a protector and friend for this girl.

No baby fever for myself - (inactively) looking for that husband first - but I am going to enjoy watching this little one grow!

*I consider her husband Zac to be a good friend as well; I really consider them a unit. I am keeping the baby’s name private.

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