Saturday, July 12, 2014

Are You Being Koi?

China Glaze Sun Worshiper, Stone Cold, and Japanese Koi

 It is a China Glaze and koi inspired kind of nail day!

Last month, I went to a friend’s wedding reception at a Chinese restaurant. One of the kids at our table asked about the painting on the wall, which featured koi. There’s something peaceful, beautiful and strong about the look of koi.

China Glaze Stone Cold (with Sun Worshiper)

Fast forward to this week. I decided to finally try a China Glaze nail lacquer for the first time. I bought the color “Stone Cold” when I went to Washington a couple of years ago. It is a limited edition matte dark grey from the Hunger Games Collection. Up close, one can see silver micro-glitter particles mixed with the dark grey overall color, which gives this matte look beautiful dimension rather than looking flat. The finish texture is smooth, no roughness at all.

Okay, so matte dark grey nails are not exactly a usual Summer color. Remembering that I had two shades of vibrant orange, and thinking back to the koi painting, I thought I would break up the dark scheme a little.

On the left pointer nail, I used the yellow-orange color called “Sun Worshiper,” currently in the permanent CG line. This is my newest lacquer procurement, as I had watched a beauty video and could not take my eyes off of Heidi’s nails. She listed the lacquer details in the description box, a practice I appreciate. I did look around for other yellow-oranges but found myself wanting the exact color I had seen on the video; after a month, I went ahead and picked it up. The finish is what I would consider a satin, where it’s not exactly matte but it isn’t a high-shine finish either.

China Glaze Japanese Koi (with Stone Cold)

Bringing the color scheme full circle is a red-orange color called… wait for it… “Japanese Koi”! I have worn the color before as part of an individual-nail-design scheme, but hadn’t picked it up since; it is such a bright, attention-getting color that I thought might be too strong for me on its own, which may be true. It pairs wonderfully with the dark grey. It is a neon formula, having the same satin finish as “Sun Worshiper.”

I like the finish, formulas, and scheme produced. The colors are beautiful. The one minor criticism would be that one ought to wear a top coat with these formulas; they will chip fairly easily. I do not have a matte top coat, so that is on the list for some future purchase. “Stone Cold” is a bit stubborn in taking it off but not as stubborn as usual glitter lacquers.

Overall, I think I shall be sporting this color scheme in the future - I really enjoyed it!

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I have been subscribed to Heidi for over a year and I enjoy her videos- check her out here:
[heidicupcake on YouTube]  
[heidicupcake - April Favorites (in which she’s wearing “Sun Worshiper”)]

Without my knowledge of how, a video about koi popped up in my suggestions. This was about a week after the reception, and so koi must have been on my mind and YouTube picked it up. It was a good video and so I have been slowly watching more - what am I doing?

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