Friday, June 6, 2014

Healthy Go: Drive It Out

No food pictures, so I leave you with
Contemplative Cat!
(Spending time with one of my Loves,
always a feel-better time)
First, I am okay.

Second, umm….

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I’m a little discouraged, I suppose. I didn’t want to write another post that sounded like more excuses. Another week went by in which not much Healthy Go was going on. I jump-roped on Friday, I didn’t eat or drink water regularly. That’s it.

A few weeks ago, I had experienced brief pain, nothing alarming. Some discomfort has lingered and so I’m getting things checked out.

Again, I am okay. I’m just… feeling off still. I’ve been praying constantly, as I do, and it’s been a good reminder that God is in control, in all times.

I went for a drive. Needed to get out of the house and move. It was a good night for a drive. Ahh.

June measurements: all steady, not much change.

See ya’... next… time…? Thank you for stopping by.

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