Friday, May 30, 2014

Healthy Go: Reset. Reset Quicker!

Reset: I’ve been sleeping better lately - well, for the past week at least. I’ve been able to fall asleep between midnight and 1 a.m. fairly regularly, usually no later than 2 a.m. In the past week of this, I used a sleep aid only once or twice, which is really good. I wake up at different times still, so working on that end is yet in process. Most nights, I slept through the night.

What has helped has been being fairly consistent with the process - no drinking after a certain time, turning off the main light at night, turning off the computer by a certain time, etc. Then I read. Turning off the lights is the easiest because the days have started to get hot, so I have been sitting in the dark or going by Christmas lights indoors.

Various meals since last time:

More seared salmon on spinach and mushroom salad with a side of asparagus topped with parmesan cheese. Blackened the salmon a bit more.

Ramen with kamaboko, green onion, and vienna sausage.

Not pictured: baked potato, spinach and cheese wrap, bananas, baked cheese puffs, Snapea Crisps, almonds, and more.

On the list for the coming week: more artichoke, asparagus, baked potato, mushroom, banana, celery, eggplant, and more.

I have been getting more water in. I also had two treat drinks, this time from Jamba Juice instead of iced mochas (no mochas this week). I still have yet to get a blender or juicer (also looking for a salad spinner, to better dry spinach).

The past week, I mostly used the jump-rope; I have to tidy up my indoor exercise area again. It stormed on Sunday, and there was space in the garage, so I went outside and jump-roped. I also walked around to see if I could get any shots of lightning but no deal.  

Between jumping, I decided to try the stop-block in the garage as a step and did alternating step-ups. I wasn’t able to do much more with the stop-block because it’s not actually bolted into the ground, it wobbles just a tiny bit, and it’s not wide like an exercise step would be. As one prone to falling down while walking on flat ground in flat shoes, I thought it best to be a little cautious with the step-ups.

I’m going to start looking for an exercise mat that I can use in the garage for workouts. As one might have noticed in previous updates, I usually just lay a towel down on the carpet floor when I exercise at home, indoors.

Reset?: every so often, I get a sense that something is… off, or… “a disturbance in the force”. I tried describing this to someone recently, and I can’t - maybe not yet. I cried earlier in the week and spent some time with a friend, which helped a little, yet the disturbance remains. I’m okay, I think, I’m just going to try to… something.

So, hopefully, as HG continues to build up this reset, something will get figured out or it helps me get through this time. Sigh.

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