Friday, May 23, 2014

Healthy Go: Re-Processing

Hapa Grill's Crab-stuffed Shrimp and Furikake Salmon

I know that after a year of building up a Healthy Go life (late 2012 - 2013), I ought to be disciplined enough to make the healthier choices regularly, so that whenever and whatever challenges may come, I am able to face it and not have my weight go up and down so much anymore. I thought I was building those habits up, but what I realized recently was that I hadn’t; I had built up habits that worked for me as long as I had a fairly regular schedule, structured by outside forces. I did not control the schedule or the structure, so when my schedule became irregular again, so did the HG life - something to work on.

The fact that I stuck with it fairly well for a year, and that I’m continuing on, is fantastic to me. I’ve slacked this past year, got a bit disappointed with myself, and things tend to take awhile for me to assess what I am definitely going to do next, but I’m determined to keep on with it.

Making changes that stick is what I am mainly seeking, like how I haven’t had soda in years. Treat drinks or liquid refreshments remain a weakness for me, they just change appearance and taste. I’ve been upping the water intake and lowering the iced mochas over the last two weeks, which is a good start as a hot summer is on its way! If I can get myself habitually drinking more water, it would be great. “If?” When.

Current mode: processing and testing….

Various meals since last time:

Mother’s Day meal, Hapa Grill - Mom had some kind of crab-stuffed shrimp (pictured above: left). I had the Furikake Salmon with garlic mash and steamed veggies (pictured above: right). I think they fried the salmon, so it wasn’t entirely healthy but oh so tasty!

More Greek/ Mediteranean from the Greek Corner - this time, I had the beef and lamb gyro with Greek salad, split into two meals. I used very little sauce for taste. It’s pretty much the same stuff, just more, as the beef and lamb gyro sandwich that I’ve had before, but putting it together myself. I think I’ll go with the “sandwich” style, as it’s easier for me to manage and still satisfies me for two meals.

The Greek Corner's Beef and Lamb Gyro with Greek Salad

Pan Seared Salmon on a bed of spinach and mushroom salad with artichoke - the salad is easy. A simple salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice seasoning of the salmon. Artichoke - I’ve gone from over-steaming (to be thorough) to slightly under-steaming - I’ve got to watch that more closely. I had it just right the previous time.


Asparagus fries - a recipe I found on Pinterest. I put too much salt and pepper this time. I don’t really like how it tastes when it’s cooled, but I will try the recipe again to see if the seasoning and production changes improve the experience.

Baked Asparagus

Sushi - locally, one of the places I like for quick sushi is Ninja Sushi. Pictured is their Salmon Skin Temaki. It’s crunchy mixed with spicy sauce.

Ninja Sushi's Salmon Skin Temaki

Clam Chowder - I really like clam chowder, but there’s a theory that I’m allergic to a preservative in the canned versions, so I only have it once or twice a year now unless I get fresh clam chowder at a restaurant. I was in the mood for itchy skin, so I braved it one day recently.

Progresso's Clam Chowder

On the agenda for tonight is corned beef cabbage - yum! Oh, yes - I’m making dinner.

Still terrible with the exercising. I’ve got a date with the jumprope today. I’ve been experiencing soreness in my side so am a little concerned about it. Maybe it’s just that I’ve got to detach from the computer and the desk, because I don’t have a proper chair to sit on here. However, the last six months of the new bed has been wonderful - my lower back doesn’t hurt as much in the morning anymore!

Right, so… exercising… need to do more of that.

I don’t have much more to say so… the end.

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