Friday, May 9, 2014

Healthy Go: Jumpin’ Jumpin’

I broke out the old jump rope again. I can’t recall the last time that I had used it, but it was probably earlier this year, just not in the last month. Jumping rope (that sounds strange to me) is one of my preferred exercises. If I do just that in one day, I’m okay. Obviously, I should do more than jumping rope, but if it’s the one exercise I do, it’s a good one. My whole body gets a workout, my posture is good, shoulders back, with the only downside being that my big toes get beat up.

I’ve also been moving around a little more. This past week, I’ve just been getting myself up and moving, doing exercises randomly, seeing how my body does. For instance, I had seen a ZuzkaLight video on The Best Lunges for Women and tried the backward lunges instead of doing the forward lunges. Back in March, when I had injured myself, I had done forward lunges that showed that my balance was poor (which I had already known). My balance is still poor, but better managed with the backward lunges, stepping back with one foot planted rather than pushing forward on the toes to plant a foot. I did a few with upright posture, hands on hips, no weights. I think I’ll be able to get used to them and build up from there.

And, apparently, I have weak hamstrings (among other things). So, I still need to be careful in building up backward lunge ability, lest I break myself… again.

The YouTube channel that I go to for exercise ideas and workouts is cyclonefit with Sara. I watch the video first to understand the moves. Then I try it out, usually modified without weights or with lower weights until I’m familiar with the move, or modified because I don’t have all the equipment that she has. I’m not as fit as she is, but I’m encouraged and the workouts leave me tired yet feeling stronger, feeling more confident. Sara’s workouts are definitely not boring!

Food! Last Saturday, I made honey ginger salmon on a bed of sauteed spinach and mushrooms with a side of parmesan-topped asparagus. How good does that sound?! I did my best to make it picture-worthy presentable, and then demolished it - yummm.

The rest of the week, I had some steak, white cheddar mac & cheese (held myself to one serving), grilled shrimp, fish patties, a sushi roll, snacked on apples, almonds, Snapea Crisps, bananas, grapes, and baked white cheddar puffs. I like white cheddar, it’s sharp, creamy, a hint of sweetness.

I don’t change up my diet a whole lot. When getting food for just myself, I like what I like. A lot of it depends upon preparation - having a stash of healthy things ready to be eaten. Because my mode of choosing what to eat is: look in fridge, look on snack shelf, what do I have? Eat that.

Not much else to say right now, so… thank you for reading!

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