Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beauty On YouTube

I’ve only gotten into makeup within the last few years and have been slowly working out skills for it. I still sort of just do what I want with it though, like doing only eyes or foundation, etc. My looks must be noticeably uneven as well at times, since I don’t have the right lighting and setup. Basically, I am only allowed to do my own makeup.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some YouTube Beauty channels that I’ve come across, ones that have taught me things or given me ideas to try along the way.

One of the first beauty channels that I subscribed to was Michelle Phan.  Her videos seemed very well thought-out and put together. Also, being of Asian-ancestry (if you couldn’t tell), I was looking for lessons from a fellow Asian-descendant. She does a variety of styles, from the everyday, the natural, to the costume looks. She recently launched her own makeup line, em, of which I have not yet checked out. I highly recommend her tutorials.

Another channel is AllThatGlitters21, by Elle Fowler. Her sister Blair also has a beauty channel - JuicyStar07. Elle is the elder, with blonde hair, green eyes; Blair is the younger, with brown hair, brown eyes. They’re both quite on the girly side. I’d say they mostly do everyday kind of looks, but sometimes Blair will do Halloween looks when it comes around. Blair talks a lot and quickly, where Elle is more calm usually. They have businesses outside of YouTube, and haven’t been posting videos very often lately.

After awhile, I started going subscription-happy for beauty channels. I wanted to see what was out there and then figure out which channels I wanted to keep following. Some channels, I have gone back and forth with the subscription. Some of the channels that I am currently subscribed to that I’d like to share are (in no particular order):

Makeup Geek - Marlena. [Highly recommend]. Also has a line of brushes and makeup, all under Makeup Geek. I have only tried her eyeshadows, and they are wonderful, beyond the affordable price - I recommend them.

Julia Graf - Internationally featured. I don’t know if she’s a professional makeup artist, but it would be a good guess. Wide variety of looks, mostly celebrity-inspired ones.

emilynoel83 (Beauty Broadcast/ Beauty Broadcast Express) - Former newscaster, now beauty broadcaster. [Highly recommend]. Very informative and to the point. I really appreciate her reviews. BB Express is short product reviews every Monday through Friday. Fridays are men’s product reviews (and a joke) by her husband, Tyler.

Tati (GlamLifeGuru) - Mostly everyday looks. Informative on drugstore brands and saving money at the store.

vintageortacky - Cora. Very colorful! Highly recommend if you like playing with very colorful looks. She does artistic, and sometimes everyday looks as well.

Pixiwoo - Sam and Nikki Chapman, sisters. [Highly recommend]. Professional makeup artists. Nikki, more simple and fresh looks; Sam, wilder, more artistic looks. Sam’s line of makeup brushes - Real Techniques -  quite good at an affordable price. I use her brushes and plan to add more to my collection along the way.

Amarixe - Allison. Mostly everyday looks. Really has a thing for blush. I think, though skilled as she is, it’s her enthusiastic yet calm personality is what keeps me watching more.

From Head To Toe - Jen. Mostly everyday looks. If you’re also looking for tips for those of Asian ethnicity, I recommend Jen.

Charisma Star - Charis. Winner - 2012 NYX Face Awards. Very artistic, both with her makeup and the video production.

*What I mean by “everyday looks”: looks that could be worn on an everyday basis, including night-out looks. May include trends that are just under being “artistic” in nature.

**Click on the names to go to their channel.

If you’re starting out with makeup and don’t know where to start, like I was (and kinda still am), I think these are all good channels to help you on your way. If you don’t like to be subscription- crazy, then start out with the ones that appeal to you or just go by the ones that I marked as “Highly recommend”. I’d say most of these channels are ones that post videos quite regularly, if not frequently. I am subscribed to many others, so I am sure that there is something for everyone out there.

  • Is there a beauty channel that I didn’t mention but which you would recommend?

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