Friday, March 14, 2014

Healthy Go: I’ve Got Movement!

Well, I do.

For those who missed the information, about a week or two ago, I worked out my legs and paid for it in tears. No permanent injury was done. What I think happened was that my weak leg has compromised my balance, which already wasn’t that great to begin with, so my legs went into a kind of shock when I did lunges for the first time in many, many years. I was in pain for many days after. I’m still working on regaining stamina, strength, and balance.

I also learned just how weak my lower back and buttock muscles have gotten! I had recently read something about how important those muscles are (of course they are) but one doesn’t realize it until one doesn’t have those muscles to rely on for a bit.

One picks it back up and carries on with what one can do.

Today, I did some mid-section work, things I could do on the ground. I did 3 sets of 12 reps each, leg raises, side chops (whatever it’s called, but on the ground) +10#, and side leg raises.

Not much, but my heart rate got up. I did try to do a plank but could only manage about 10 seconds; it’s gonna take a little more to get back on the toes well.

The cats watched me to make sure I didn’t hurt myself more.

I’ve been eating about 50/50 healthy and unhealthy, so I ought to get back to cleaning the diet part again. I’ve been wanting cinnamon rolls, oh man, but I’ve resisted so far. What I really need to do is drink more water!

I’ve made my first attempt in cooking asparagus. It turned out okay. It’s shredded parmesan on top which I didn’t melt enough; I remembered late that Mom wanted me to use up the parmesan because she had gotten the wrong one for her recipe. And then I had a frozen chicken dilemma, so I switched to salmon at the last minute, which meant that I ate the asparagus and (honey ginger) salmon separately. Such is my life.

I’m no Chef Ramsay, but I feed myself. *Wink*

Yup. So that’s where I am.

Dad jokingly referred to me as “Chubby” to Mom. It’s okay, what do I do about it? I exercised. :D (He didn’t mean it literally, okay?!)

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